Good Evening To All The New Members In Bia Voice International(BVI Channel 1) WhatsApp page
Thank you for your interest in BVI  Channel 1 and our activities.
 BVI Channel 1 is primarily set up to give our people global, dependent and reliable voice .The company intention is to go satellite in the nearest future to function like Fox TV in America .
BVI Channel 1 is the largest  online TV via YouTube east of the Niger and in 298th position globally in terms  traffic with 56,481 subscribers and millions of followers on social media platforms.
BVI Channel 1 has special niche on local news with south east as her target market .The online media is Igbocentric/Biafracentric.The website   www.bvichannel1.comis among the best with all the news features .BVI App  in play store : BVI Channel 1 gives you access to free online TV updates on hot news from the villages
(Click on the above link to download ).
Your online TV via Youtube Channel has recently launched Biawood Entertainment ( a new channel) to dramatize real life situations in our various communities with corrective measures in line with the ideology of the land of the rising sun .
Once again ,welcome to BVI family .


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