Visionary Leadership : Solution To Our Problem

The real work is on the street.Social Media gives us opportunity to organize like-minds at a minimal cost for eventual face to face meeting .
Before our very eyes ,things have fallen apart .People are committing suicide on daily basis .Our value system destroyed. Youth unemployment rate is increasing by the day .Millions of our Ladies are depressed . Corruption has become  normal business transactions.
The institutions in Nigeria are too weak to function. Banks lend money to the rich while the poor visit miracle centers for survival. Universities are too busy with journals and conferences !
What do we do? Should we remain on the social media lamenting and reporting breaking news !
Only few visionary people can change our story ! The task is simple : Be ready to serve the people with every sincerity and honesty .Be humble and contented ! We have to start choosing our political Leaders now .Nasir El Rufai told reporters few days ago that there is nothing like godfather.Godfather is a mere imagination .When few determined people organize themselves with a powerful message,godfather disappears to the thin air .
People need men and women with highest senses of integrity to stand up now to be counted .There is a gap and the missing link is the organizing factor .
We will do the job. Watch out.


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