Miyyetti Allah – PRM Calls For Restructuring Of Nigeria Into Regions

People Restoration Movement ,a political Movement for the Masses has called for an immediate restructuring of Nigeria into Regions to solve the problem of mistrust among Nigerians.In a statement issued by the group’s PRO- Comrade Emma Onwuegbune,the movement condemned the request by Miyyetti Allah to establish Fulani Youth Vigilantee in other Regions of the country including South East.
The statement reads in full ‘ Even in the wisdom of our colonial Masters,Nigeria was managed through regions to retain the indigenous identities of the people living in Nigeria .The independent constitution provided for the Eastern Region ,Western Region and Northern Region  to enable every of these Regions compete among themselves economically and politically .This beautiful system would have been allowed to develop on her own even after the Nigeria -Biafra war but a unitary system of Government was imposed on the people and legalized by the Constitution


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