We Must Divide Nigeria:Barr Emeka Emekesiri Fires Atiku




Upon reading the message in the Vanguard Newspaper of Saturday 10 August 2019 credited to His Excellency, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, who was quoted to have said, “Let’s not divide Nigeria because God made us Nigerians for a purpose”, I became very angry with His Excellency but restrained myself from making any irrational responses. There are many questions I would like him to answer, namely:

(1) What is or was the purpose for which God allegedly made us to become Nigerians?

(2) Did God tell you, whether in dream, vision, trance, or physical manifestation, that he created Nigeria for any purpose? Do you even hear from God? Do you recognise his voice when he speaks?

(3) Do you know God’s will for all the indigenous peoples of the lands trapped in the country created by the British and called Nigeria?

(4) If God told you that he made us to become Nigerians for a purpose, has the purpose been accomplished?

(5) If the purpose has been accomplished, why do you want us to go beyond his purpose?

Your Excellency, I think you have fallen into the same religious confusion where false prophets and false teachers rise up to say that God has said this or said that when God has not said anything! Your belief that God made us to become Nigerians for a purpose can only be supported with the theological principle of the Permissive Will of God in the sense that nothing happens on earth without God’s permission whether good or bad things, knowing that all things shall eventually work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Nevertheless, the Permissive Will of God is different from his Perfect Will. We want to be in his Perfect Will and not in his Permissive Will. Of course, God permitted the brothers of Joseph to hate him, betray him, conspire against him and sell him as a slave into Egypt for a purpose as disclosed in the Bible. The purpose was accomplished and the result was deliverance for the children of Israel.

In the case of Nigeria, our coming together as “Nigerians” have resulted in much bloodshed, destructions, injustice, deification of falsehood, instability, religious riots, terrorism, and all vices, thereby leading to the belief that the Nigerian Union is a curse rather than a blessing. Let us agree that God permitted Nigeria to be created by the British but for what purpose? I met a young Igbo man at a Petrol Station in Port Harcourt in 2010 when I was carrying out the research work for my book. He wept in my presence and said that he preferred to be taken to the overseas as a slave rather than to remain a slave in his fatherland.

I do not want to trouble you with theological arguments but only to let you know that if God permits evil men to continue in their evils, to rule over the peoples of the land with cruelty and enslave them, oppress and persecute them, steal their resources, and lord over them like tyrants, he has set a time for the deliverance of the people.

Let it be known to Your Excellency, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, who may take over from President Muhammadu Buhari, and to all of those past leaders who have ever sat upon the Throne of Nigeria ruling over the peoples of the lands with cruelty, and stealing our resources, and turning us into slaves in our own lands, but sending their own children abroad to live in luxury and opulence, that the LORD God Almighty has arisen to deliver the indigenous peoples of the lands from captivity. The deliverance of the peoples of the lands shall be witnessed in this generation!

The rulers of darkness in Nigeria and the spiritual wickedness sitting in the high places of the Nigerian politics and economy at both State and National levels have enslaved us for too long. The greed and wickedness of our slave-masters have created in us the desire and hunger for freedom. This is actually good for the slaves. This is the purpose for which God permitted the slavery in the first place. In fact, cruel slavery is a blessing in disguise as the Speaker stated in the Obey God’s Voice Magazine of Christ The Rock Community as follows: “But the mystery of slavery and of the blessedness of freedom is that the fires of oppression, persecution and hardship produce in the slaves the character of perseverance, resilience in hope, faith in God, courage, hardwork and industry, while the masters and their children become lazy. And when the table is turned (for no condition is permanent), the masters become hopeless and confused! Thus the Scriptures are fulfilled to the effect that all things work together for good to them that love God, who are the called according to His purpose (Rom. 8: 28).”

This is what will happen in Nigeria very soon. The table is about to turn (for no condition is permanent in this world) and those who have been eating on the table may no longer be in that position. There is time for everything. This is the time for Power to change hands! Change has come and things will not be the same again for those who have been feeding themselves fat on the ignorance of the people!

I speak as both a lawyer and a minister of God, an apostle of Jesus Christ, sent to preach deliverance to the peoples of the lands. We have taken into consideration the legal and socio-political issues involved in this Nigerian problem at both national and international levels. For this reason, we have proffered the best solution for the Nigerian problem. Our solution is to divide Nigeria into Six Regional Governments according to the existing geo-political regions of the country so that every Region would be autonomous and govern itself in the One Nigeria. This is the Biafra Project Phase II which we preach. Some politicians describe it as Restructuring while we describe it as Regional Autonomy or devolution of power to the Regions to govern themselves. Whether described as restructuring into regional autonomy or devolution of power to the regions to govern themselves in the One Nigeria, it is the same thing expressed in different words.

This is the same solution that was applied in the United Kingdom where the four countries of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, govern themselves as Autonomous Regions in the One Great Britain. The Scots are free in their own land. The Welsh are free in their own land. The Irish are free in their own land. The Anglo-Saxons are free in their own land. All of them are proud to be called the British and loyal to the British Government. If this arrangement could work in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, why should it not work in Nigeria to produce a Great Nigeria with six Regional Governments? I have conducted a thorough research on this matter and written a 350-page book on it, captioned, “Biafra or Nigerian Presidency- What the Ibos Want”. Regional Autonomy is the least formula that the indigenous peoples of the lands can accept.

The essence of my message is to allay the fears of all peoples in Nigeria and the International Community. Change is the only thing that is constant in life. Definitely, there will be a change in the Nigerian polity. Power must change hands. Nothing will go wrong if Nigeria breaks up or is restructured. Life will be sweeter for everyone. After all, we had our lives before Nigeria was created in 1914. My direct father, Emekesiri Igbokwe, born in about 1897 AD, was not a Nigerian by birth. It is the perfect will of God that the oppressed people held as political slaves in Nigeria must be set free. Nigeria will never remain like this forever. I speak with authority on this matter that the country called Nigeria will either be restructured to create equity, fairness and freedom for everyone or it will disintegrate and go into oblivion as one of the ancient empires we read in history!
Chief Solomon Asemota, SAN, quoted in his Paper, “An Appreciation of Amalgamation of 1914”, that Lord Lewis Harcourt had laid the foundation of the marriage between the North and the South in the following words: “We have released Northern Nigeria from the lending strings of the treasury. The promising and well conducted youth is now on an allowance on his own and is about to affect an alliance with a southern lady of means. I have issued the special license and Sir Fredrick Luggard will perform the ceremony. May the union be fruitful and the couple constant”.
We have seen that the marriage is not working. The marriage of all the incompatible tribes of Nigeria by the doctrine of amalgamation in 1914 will certainly break up unless the Nigerian polity is restructured to guarantee self-governance to the six geopolitical regions. I speak this on the authority of law and the historical evidence of the powers of the fourth world geopolitics.

The major countries amalgamated by the British Colonial Masters have broken up along the lines of compatible tribes and tongues. India was a colony of Britain but broke up after its independence resulting in the three countries today called India, Pakistan and Bangladesh after brutal and prolonged civil wars. Sudan was another great empire built by the British which broke up into two countries in July 2011 after prolonged civil war. Other great empires of the modern world wielded together by colonial powers have broken up along their ethnic lines. Malaysia broke up immediately after independence into Singapore and Malaysia. Indonesia broke up into Indonesia and East Timor. Czechoslovakia broke up into The Czech Republic and The Slovak Republic. Yugoslavia broke up into five countries namely, Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, Monte Negro and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The USSR was formed in 1917, three years after Nigeria, and broke up few years ago before our eyes into dozens of separate countries.

The truth is that forced marriages do not stand the test of marriage and must be dissolved either by Court Order or by self-help of desertion. I therefore speak with authority on this matter as an expert in law and diplomacy based on the preponderance of evidence cited above that Nigeria will definitely break up and disintegrate unless restructured to guarantee self-governing status to the six geopolitical regions in a confederation so that every region would govern itself, control its resources, pay an agreed percentage tax to the Federal Government and develop at its own pace. This, in effect, is like returning to the Aburi Accord which General Gowon and Nigerians violated. Had they implemented the Aburi Accord, there would not have been any war between Nigeria and Biafra. Unfortunately, Nigeria had a pyrrhic victory over Biafra but lost the peace and joy of nationhood!

Your Excellency, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, please get ready for the imminent change. This country called Nigeria shall certainly be divided and be restructured into six autonomous self-governing regions or it will break up and disintegrate and go into oblivion like one of the ancient countries, and the future generations shall read the history, “Once upon a time, there was a country called Nigeria”. We want to stop the disintegration by proffering the solution of Regional Autonomy so that Nigeria shall be saved and restructured into six countries in one Great Nigeria just like Britain is structured into four countries in One Great Britain. Our coming together as “Nigerians” would then become a blessing instead of a curse. If the managers of Nigeria fail to take heed to this advice to save the country, the scriptures shall be fulfilled upon Nigeria to the effect that “He who is often reproved but hardens his neck shall be broken and destroyed without remedy” (Proverbs 29: 1).

Emeka Emekesiri, Esq.,
Chairman of the Biafra Project Phase II





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