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We Anambra People Voted Against PDP Because Of Peter Obi Betrayal.

Anambra election governorship election has come and gone, but it still leaves mark on the political history with respect to people's attitude towards politics and the politicians. This video documentary is not made to defame...

A Place In Anambra State That Makes Poor People Millionaires

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Biafra: IPOB Boycott Hit’s Hard On Anambra Governorship Election.

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Video: Ojukwu Appeared To Me In A Vision With This Message To Ndigbo.

Like in a trans.... or what many can call a vision, I heard a voice and when I looked up to the sky, behold, he spoke with deep voice filled with passion to save...

Video: BVI Channel 1 – The Journey So Far.

It is Too Late To Disappoint Our Fans... We have come a long way, our commitment to inform you better is unquestionable. Stay Connected to BVI Channel1.