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{Latest Video} It Is Time To Unite For Final Showdown Asari Dokubo Pleads.

I think this video is most important thing we need to spread accross to all Biafrans. Those that will say no to this are true our enemies of progress and I believe every Biafran out...

{VIDEO} This Video Is Strictly For Only Biafrans Worldwide.

This Shouldn't Have Happened. This video is strictly for Biafrans. Please if you are not a Biafra please skip.

RELOADED – Ban Buhari & Free Biafra – Gambia Crowned Princess Tells Trump

Watch Gambian Pincess take case to Donald Trump. The live stream was disrupted by network, but here is the reloaded verson. Watch - share - Like & Drop your comment.

I’lll End Iberiberism At The Senate Rochas Takes Oath

Also the video contains update on Speculated Nnamdi Kanu U.N Meeting Tony Nnadi Meeting with U.S Law Makers. Here we see it, we say it. BVI Channel 1 is much more than a media platform. BVI Channel 1...

VIDEO June12 & Nigeria 20 Years DemoCRAZY (Fela Was Right About Nigeria)

Nigerians are witnesses to the worst kind of governance they brought upon themselves. Revolution is around the corner & the end is near Watch this video and share to everyone.

(VIDEO) What Buhari Said Yesterday That Got Nigerians Worried.

Which God or gods did we offend in this country? Some Nigerians are yet to wake up from this SHOCK!!!

You Can’t Believe What My Eyes Saw Here.

Akuluo Uno is winning BVI Channel 1 is going at lenght to add values your lives by exposing you to opportunities and prompt information.

VIDEO!!! Fulanization Of Nigeria Police – We Are No Longer Safe.

It is time for political revolution. We are threatened not because we cannot defend ourselves, but becaused we have failed leaders & Government. For this purpose, PRM is launched to changed the leadership structure of our...

Governor Obiano – I Will Not Stop Talking Until You Fix This Mess.

Anambra Is Decaying & Our Dear Governor Is Happy With This. Willie Is Willingly Giving Our Children Best Education Here. Right behind primary school class room block, this thing is left for our children to inhale...

(VIDEO) Anthony Joshua – My Advice “Don’t Ever Go To Fight With This Flag”

Nobody is proud of Nigeria.... Anthony Joshua breaks silence after losing. After watching this video nobody will convience you otherwise.

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