Self-Determination: UPP And Biafra Shares The Same Ideology

UPP still consulting with Pro Biafra groups and indigenous people all over Nigeria.

BVI channel 1 can confirm that a wide consultation is still going on through Nigeria to woo all those who believe in self determination among different ethnic groups that make up Nigeria.

It should be noted that UPP has gone into alliance with MOBIN- a Biafra political platform know as Movement of Biafra in Nigeria. MOBIN serves as a mobilization agent to UPP.

The Chairman of UPP-Chief Dr Chekwas Okorie confirmed to BVI Channel 1 that UPP has the same agenda with Pro Biafra groups agitating for self determination.

He further stated that the best approach to achieve Biafra independence is through political process.

Kingsley reporting for BVI Channel 1

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