The fisrt video clip on this report shows Buhari inspecting his wife Aisha’s Ballot paper.
It is widely believed that Mr president is making sure her out spoken wife does not vote for either Atiku or Kingsley moghalu. let have look

Kingsley moghalu just confirmed he has voted but the entire process is a big mess. The YPP presidential candidate is disappointed with the INEC.

My Peter Obi, PDP Vice presidential candidate has been accredited and its expected to have cast his vote by now.

Secondly INEC Failure
Under Age voters
Report has it that some parts of the north is witnessing large chunk of underage voters. This trend has always been the case in Nigeria election especially in the north.
Vote Buying.
This is the new and latest political culture in Nigeria, todays election is no difference.
Election Violence
Election Violence is widely Spreading accross Nigeria, they are too many reports coming in, some are too graphic to publish.
So far, no report of election irregularities and violence has been reported in Igbo Land the South Eastern Nigeria, EXCEPT, Late arrival of electorial material and malfunctioned card reders.
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