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Anambra 21: Anambra People Should Not Allow APGA To Die- Chief Aniemena

My dear people of Anambra State we must ensure election holds as scheduled. We may be inviting unimaginable uncontrollable, wild, unmanageable disorderly state if we play into the hands of our enemies. Like James Hardly Chase will put it, ” we will be open for a sucker punch”. They may just apoint a Solo Administrator. Let’s weigh the options carefully.

APGA remains the platform open for the Igbos to sincerely, constructively and effectively discuss our position in the Nigerian project if we elect this credible individual as wè are gearing up to do come 6th of Nov., 2021. This election from every calculations and indications may be the most credible ever. Pls it’s best we chose the best from among us, which to my opinion is Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo. Not because he is of APGA but because he has what it takes to lift Anambra State and the Igbo race to the next level. We can bear him testimony that his been test and approve by locaal and international Nationals and credible institutions worldwide
I repeat that this coming election in Anambra is a step forward towards opening up real discussions on how best in actualizing our collective bargain, which is Biafra, socioeconomic development of Anambra State. The multiplier effects will provide the needed catalyst to drive socioeconomic development of Eastern Nigeria and West African Sub region among others.

Sincerely speaking the name Chukwuma Charles Soludo is an invaluable priceless asset to APGA. He has the quality of being believable or worthy of trust:. After all we’ve been through, his credibility is what will give our great Party APGA another facelift after Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu. Soludo’s name will win Saturdays election for us. Hie has what it takes to midwife a new APGA; develop deliberate plans of actions to drive Anambra State socioeconomic and political developments.

I sincerely encourage us to file out and early too this Saturday to vote in Soludo who has come to redeem us.


Ichie Ugbo Oganairu na Nibo
Chief Kenneth Ik. Aniemena.

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