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Anambra 21: Restoration Time- 24/03/2021

Good morning my people, this is RESTORATION TIME.

Theme: Season of Politics in Anambra
Text: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

By the grace of God, Ndi Anambra shall be going to the polls on 6th November, 2021 to elect the next governor of the state. The above text explains that there is time for everything. Obviously, we are in the season of politics in the state. We can see many aspirants declaring their interest and what I have observed is that virtually all of them are billionaires. This is a sign that most of our politicians now believe that the highest bidder wins the election. That may be the case in the past but this time we(the people) must change the narrative.
People Restoration Movement (PRM) is here today to organize the people and direct them on the right way to go for the benefit of all. For us, this is the time to educate our people to understand the importance of fixing our politics and the need for us to participate in election. This is time for us in PRM to watch closely all the political parties to know those that lack internal democracy, because PRM will announce to the people to reject any party that produce their flag bearer through fraudulent primary election. This is also time to study, monitor and scrutinize all the aspirants, their manifestos to know who is competent and has the will power to deliver the aspirations of the people. We already have prepared PRM appraisal rating of all aspirants. We are also watching INEC closely and making them to understand that we expect them to always do the right thing.
All these are what is expected of us (the people) in this season. Before we crucify others, we must first do what we should do as a people. Not being indifference or going about praise singing any aspirant. Not time to collect gifts from candidates. This time, we must shun evil. Ndigbo si na agbisi gbaa otule, o muru ako. Our mumu don do!

Repent now and join PRM today as we continue to educate, preach, sensitize and mobilize our people for good governance and freedom. May God help us all in Jesus name, amen.


Chukwuemeka Chibuzor
Anambra Coordinator of PRM

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