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With barely two days to the Anambra Governorship Election scheduled for November 6, voters in Awka , Idemili and Onitsha shared their thoughts on how the gubernatorial race will end and why it’s a close race between Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo of APGA, Sen Andy Uba of PDP and Val Ozigbo of PDP.

‘’I don’t think Soludo will lose-period,’’ Emeka Okoye from Awka who is a civil servant said. ‘’We have delivered APGA in Anambra in the past 16 years. We will do it again. We have a thriving economy and an excellent management of state resources. Our salaries are promptly paid and likewise pensions. We now can boast of good infrastructures and now one of the best airports in the country. I think we are in good shape ’’.

APGA’s Soludo , APC’s Andy and Valentine Ozigbo of PDP are among the 18 candidates jostling for the governorship position. However, the three candidates are entering the election at a near close race with Soludo who has ran a disciplined campaign leading on a double digit. Recent opinion polls suggests he may win in 19 of the 21 Local Governments in the state.

One woman in Idemili who told me she had voted PDP in past-elections, said she will now vote APGA because of Soludo ‘’because the country is in turmoil and we need a governor who will not be learning on the job. ‘’Look where we are at and look what’s going on in the country. We need someone who clearly understand the issues’’.

Another voter in Onitsha said the voter turn-out may not be large because of insecurity and lack of enthusiasm in the people but hope the race will not be as close as it is looking, because Soludo need to win decisively.

Clem Aguiyi is a lawyer and media personality.

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