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ASWAMA New Tax Rates Show Government Insensitivity – Ndubuisi Anaenugwu,GGM

Most of us that supported Prof Chukwuma Soludo in the last Anambra Gubernatorial election are beginning to re-appraise our decision . Something has gone wrong ? This is not a Great Thinker I have followed for the past decades . This is not the Professor of economics I have always admired .

I want to believe that the security situation in the State has overwhelmed him . I want to believe that he did not see the ASWAMA new rates before it was made public. I also want to believe that the rascality in Anambra Transport Agency does not secure the endorsement of Mr Governor. Those yellow uniformed guys are becoming monsters in the manner they operate.My experience in Revenue office few days ago indicated that there is a major difference between policy formulation  and policy implementation.

I have always boasted that an economist would always deplore public policies to encourage productivity . As an economist , Prof Soludo is my Mentor . He is a great Thinker! I have gone through many of his works on public policies and how to reform the Nigeria State. But ,there is a huge gap between conference hall and field of work. For instance ,there is a rule to confiscate any vehicle that parked wrongly on the highway! On the field , the ASTMA Officials are poorly paid and are poorly motivated .They did not receive the kind of training like CBN Staff that would boast their confident to take best  decisions.How do you determine that a car  is wrongly parked ? Has government provided public parking space ? Has Government educated the public enough? Is there an office checkmating the excesses of these poorly remunerated Government officials ? Is there a dedicated call lines where those who are wrongly fined should report their cases! I saw a man whose car was towed because the car developed fault on the road  ; the man was asked to pay N50,000 for road obstruction! How is it the man fault?

Looking at the new rates released by ASWAMA office few days ago ,I can only conclude that Government is insensitive to the suffering of the households and Business units . It should be noted that most Businesses are merely operating at break -even points or perhaps merely floating , waiting for the grace of God to navigate to comfort zone.

See the rates below:

1. Urban – Awka South, Onitsha North, Onitsha South, Aguata, Nnewi North, Idemili North and Ogbaru.

✓Duplex – N24,000
✓Detached Bungalows – N12,000
✓2/3 Bedroom Flat – N7,200
✓1 BedRoom Apartment – N4,800
✓ 1 Room – N2400
✓Restaurant/Beer Parlour-
*Large – N120,000*

*Small – N48,000*

✓Hotel With 200 Rooms And Above: N960k
✓Hotel With 100-199 Rooms: N600,000
✓Hotel With 50-99 Rooms: N480,000
✓Hotel With 40-49 Rooms: N360,000
✓Hotel With 30-39 Rooms: N320,000
✓Hotel With 20-29 Rooms: N288,000
✓Hotel With 10-19 Rooms: N240,000
✓Hotel With 1-9 Rooms: N120,000
✓Central Bank – N1.2Million
✓Comercial Bank – N480,000
✓Micro Fin Bank/Bureau De Change/ Insurance and Others – N120,000 –
✓Video Rental Shops- N7,200
✓Game Houses (bet 9ja)/ Pool – N9,600
✓Parks, Entertainment, Sports
*Big – N48,000*
*Small – N24,000*
✓Fast food – N360,000
✓Night Club – N120,000
✓Others – N48,000

2. Semi-Urban – Njikoka, Idemili-South, Ihiala, Awka iNorth, Oyi, Orumba North, Orumba South, Anaocha, Nnewi South, Dunukofia, and Anambra East, while Rural local governments include

✓Duplex – N18,000
✓Detached Bungalows – N9,000
✓2/3 Bedroom Flat – N5,400
✓1 BedRoom Apartment – N3,600
✓1 Room – N1,800
✓Restaurant/ Beer Parlour-
*Large – N90,000*
*Small – N36,000*
✓Hotel With 200 Rooms And Above: N720k
✓Hotel With 100-199 Rooms: N450,000
✓Hotel With 50-99 Rooms: N360,000
✓Hotel With 40-49 Rooms: N270,000
✓Hotel With 30-39 Rooms: N240,000
✓Hotel With 20-29 Rooms: N216,000
✓Hotel With 10-19 Rooms: N180,000
✓Hotel With 1-9 Rooms: N90,000
✓Central Bank – N900,000
✓Comercial Bank – N360,000
✓Micro Fin Bank/Bureau De Change/ Insurance and Others – N90,000
✓Video Rental Shops- N5,400
✓Game Houses (bet 9ja) – N7,200
✓Parks, Entertainment, Sports

*Big – N36,000*
*Small – N18,000*
✓Fast food -N270,000
✓Night Club – N90,000
✓Others – N36,000


3. Rural – Ayamelum, Anambra West and Ekwusigo.

✓Duplex – N12,000
✓Detached Bungalows – N6,000
✓2/3 Bedroom Flat – N3,600
✓1 BedRoom Apartment – N2,400
✓1 Room – N1,200
✓Restaurant/ Beer Parlour –
*Large – N60,000*
*Small – N24,000*
✓Hotel With 200 Rooms And Above: N480k
✓Hotel With 100-199 Rooms: N300,000
✓Hotel With 50-99 Rooms: N240,000
✓Hotel With 40-49 Rooms: N180,000
✓Hotel With 30-39 Rooms: N160,000
✓Hotel With 20-29 Rooms: N144,000
✓Hotel With 10-19 Rooms: N120,000
✓Hotel With 1-9 Rooms: N60,000
✓Central Bank- N600,000
✓Comercial Bank – N240,000
✓Micro Fin Bank/Bureau De Change/ Insurance and Others – N60,000
✓Video Rental Shops- N3,600
✓Game Houses (bet 9ja) – N4800
✓Parks, Entertainment, Sports
*Big – N24,000
*Small – N12,000
✓Fast food – N180,000
✓Night Club – N60,000
✓Others – N24,000

Instead of increasing the ASWAMA rate ,I will recommend that Government should consider reducing the old rate by 20% ; that is the way of an economist! An economist considers several variables ,direct and indirect implications of any policy decision before arriving at a conclusion but an accountant considers figures only. ASWAMA should be more interested with optimal service delivery ,even if it means borrowing money ,during the first 3 three months ,to make a statement and register their presence that Solution is here. From historical perspective, tax payers will always resist high tariffs and resistance means high cost to Government as well as corrupt practices.

Good Governance Ministry rejects this mindless increase in ASWAMA rates especially during this period of economic doldrums. Government should show empathy,cut cost of running government,improve government services and create enabling environment to win public confidence . I trust that people will willingly support their Government . After all ,it is the people that hired Mr Governor .

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu is an Ambassador of Good Governance Ministry (GGM), working for public interest.

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