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The coast is now becoming clearer on the road to the freedom of Biafrans in the Nigerian Federation.The reading Public can now identify the big masquerade behind the Biafra independence project.He is Barr Emeka Emekesiri operating under the authority of the Elders- Rtd Justice Eze Ozobu and Dr Dozie Ikedife and running the IPOB Customary Government.

In a detailed action plan released to the newsmen,Barr Emeka Emekesiri who is the Chairman of Biafra phase 2 project explained the five actions that he planned to execute in the phase 2 project.The detail action plan is explained below:




It is necessary at this moment to constitute the work force that will drive the Biafra Project Phase 2. All the Biafran activists who believe in the legal methodology of self-determination consisting of the judicial, political and diplomatic processes are requested to get involved now. We require the following experts and areas of expertise:

  1. Competent coordinators of IPOB Town Hall Meetings in all cities or towns
  2. Public Relations experts and lobbyists
  3. Experts in Government and Public Administration
  4. Media practitioners (audio, visual, print media, social media, bloggers, etc)
  5. Cartoonists, artists, musicians, pamphleteers, etc.
  6. Human rights lawyers, experts in Law and Diplomacy, Policy and Strategies
  7. IT practitioners (Information Technology)
  8. Security and Intelligence experts
  9. Business development consultants,investmentexperts and financiers
  10. Dispute Resolution practitioners (lawyers, arbitrators, negotiators or mediators)

Our Customary Government is a legitimate government which has made representations to some powerful nations of the world. Though the Customary Government is not yet sovereign, it is a recognised institution in both national and international law. It is an Institution designed to organise the Biafrans as a people seeking for independence. The IPOB Customary Government Agency is registered with the UN for international relations. The Biafra Project Phase 2 is designed to function fully as a non-sovereign government until we achieve self-determination starting with Regional Government of Biafra. The Customary Government shall pay its workers reasonable wages, salaries or allowances just like every other government pays its workers. The details of their remunerations will be contained in their letters of appointment.

The Biafran Independence Project must now be handled professionally. We shall consider experience and pedigree of the applicants and not mere paper qualifications. If you are qualified and experienced in any of the fields, and interested in working for the IPOB Customary Government in any capacity, please send your application with your comprehensive CV by email addressed to the Chairman through the following; or; As a matter of extreme urgency, we need capable and qualified leaders immediately who will coordinate the IPOB Town Hall Meetings in all cities and countries of the world. Due diligence checks shall be carried out on them and their personal details shall be sent to the Governments of the countries where they live including the Nigerian Government for their recognition.We cannot be in hiding but must engage with the governments face to face. Any person who desires to work for our Customary Government must be a man or woman of proven integrity.

In the meantime, we shall continue to render free services to the Biafran Struggle using our personal resources and any helps we can receive from friends and well-wishers until the re-organization of the movement is completed. Any person who is willing to help us with finances should visit our website at www.ipobgovernment.organd make his or her donations.

Other action plans will be explained later.Barr Emeka told newsmen that his first action plan will be launched in no distant time.



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