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Big Tent For Peter Obi Appoints Charles Odibo as Communications Lead

Accomplished Communications Practitioner, Charles Odibo, has been appointed the Director of Media and Communications for the BIG-TENT of the Labour Party Presidential campaign organization.

Making the announcement at a media session on Wednesday, August 11, 2022, Professor Pat Utomi, Convener of the BIG-TENT stated that a professionally run communications team is desirable to actualise the work that has been done over the years leading to the emergence of the third force through which the Labour Party has become the platform for the emergence of a new Nigeria.

Mr. Odibo, according to Professor Utomi, will lead a communications team that is “professional, that is passionate and committed to the Nigerian people, and that is focused on what matters than the kind of communication we tend to see generated in some of our efforts to communicate political positions.”

The convener of the BIG-TENT described Charles Odibo, head of the Communications team as a person who has “enormous experience in dealing with branding, in dealing with targeted communication, and in dealing with media in general. Charles has done this for leading organizations in the private sector, created some iconic brands. He is going to be supported by some of our colleagues from the media.”

Expressing confidence in the communications team to deliver on what he described as “rational public conversation,” Charles Odibo who has had significant experience in the banking industry, having successfully led communication teams in three different banks knows how important it is to be able to be focused in communications that delivers value. “So we are truly fortunate that we have someone like Charles to lead our efforts in the Big-Tent to build this team that will ensure that the Nigerian people get the information that will help their choice in 2023,” said Professor Utomi.

According to Professor Utomi, part of the work that the communications team will be doing from the “directorate of the Big Tent for the Peter Obi campaign will actually be to generate a set of talking points with spokespersons in every state of the Federation.”

In his brief remarks, Charles Odibo stated that the communications directorate of the BIG-TENT will ensure that all patriotic Nigerians who desire a new Nigeria “understand, agree and believe in the same thing, because the path that we are getting on to is all about a better Nigeria. It’s all about a country that will be good for each and every one of us.”

He promised that his pan-Nigeria team will create the engagement that ensures “commonality of purpose, to make people understand that Peter Obi’s ambition is for the common good.”



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