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FFK the Naked Masquerade Ready for Another show of Shame- Bolaji Akinyemi

The APC led Buhari administration is no doubt desperately in need of exciting distractions to keep the focus of the people away from its abysmal failure, but she has chosen a wrong masquerade for the job!

With a masquerade living in anger of the south easterner over his betrayal of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and waiting for the vengeance of his own people on his suspicious moves against their ideology of the Yoruba Nation, the question is what does the Federal Government stand to gain with a man with absolute loss of integrity and credibility?

The dance of the masquerade is one of the many exciting things to look for in an African society. Ìfẹ́ Odaye, where Chief Femi Fani-Kayode hails from has many masquerades and watching them dance is a delight, but not all masquerades are privileged to do their dance before the King to dignify themselves!

FFK is no doubt a big masquerade in our political space, but this masquerade was already naked before he had the opportunity to dance before the President! Though dressed in a borrowed drab by those who brought him to do his dance at the Villa, he remained a sorry sight while the dance lasted!

The masquerade, entertaining 200 million Nigerians is set for another dance. One significant thing about the protocol of masquerades’ dance is the need for an “atokun”, (coordinator(s)). While APC Governors of Yobe and Zamfara states coordinated his last dance at the palace, an APC Senator, who lost her chance to represent her people at the last election has the charge of coordinating his latest dance before the IGP.

I naturally will show no interest in cases involving persons who are or have been lovers, because their matters is like the way of the serpent upon the rock, very difficult to understand! This inform the reason I reached out to a Rev gentleman friend of mine, to arrange a meeting between me and FFK, who misrepresented my request as an attempt to apologize over my writings. Femi, he said bluntly turned down my request never to see me. But now that a third party is linked with their issues, then two is company and three a crowd, then society must be carried along!

The current demand by DIG Egbunike, that FFK’s ex wife, Precious Chikwendu, mother of his four sons should be in Abuja today, Tuesday, 21st September 2021, before 12noon regarding a petition written by Senator Grace Brent should be of interest to all Nigerians 5 days after the Villa masquerade did his macabre dance! Rumor has it that the DIG is under pressure from the IGP as a result of the influence of Brent, who is hell bent on seeing Precious off to jail so that her desire for her children custody can be scuttled.

Precious, before now has notified the general public about a direct threat to her life by one Senator Grace Folashade Brent (nee Makinwa) from Adamawa State.

She stated that for a longtime, she had no idea who Senator Brent was until she shared a public space with her at an event few years ago. Thereafter, she saw her twice in court standing in for her friend, Femi Fani-Kayode, who is now Precious’ Ex, with whom she is currently embroiled in a Court battle for the custody of her four beautiful sons, the eldest being 5 years old and the triplets, 3 years.

Giving details, Precious went further: “I got a call from a family friend whom I hold in high esteem asking me to come over. I did only to be informed by my family friend that Senator Brent claimed that I hired assassins to harm her and her daughter using my “FANS”. As risible and ridiculous her allegations sounded to me, the fact is that I have no personal grouse with the Senator nor her daughter. It is to be noted that a call was put across to the Senator in my presence and I emphatically reiterated my lack of interest in her and indifference to her involvement with my case in court, since the final decision in the custody battle isn’t hers to make. Senator Grace Brent then went berserk on a cursing spree, threatening to deal with me both in her personal capacity and using the DSS and the Police!

Senator Grace Brent seems to be making good her threat to Precious at a time, Nigeria Police is struggling with image issues generated by the possibility of the instrument of state being tools in the hands of individuals who can bear the costs as presently portrayed with Hushpuppy/Kyari episode by the FIB before a bemoaned world! Police harassment image in the public is further substantiated by by Apostle Johnson Suleiman’s influenced deployed to get Pastor Israel a blogger invited and detained by the office of the IGP.

Precious claimed Senator Brent has been beside FFK on a number of occasions in the custody matter pending in Court. Since the institution of that suit, Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK) has engaged in surreptitious and subterranean shenanigan mendacity in order to keep me out of circulation. Further, using some unscrupulous law enforcement agents, even former domestic staff had been harassed incessantly and illegally detained for no justifiable reasons, in the false hope of getting them intimidated and unable to act as potential witnesses for me in my children custody matter.

In continuation of the illegal and wanton acts of harassment and intimidation; apparently Senator Brent, obviously acting at the behest of a person wanting to pervert the course of justice, is trying to lay a foundation for a future Police or DSS harassment by a ruse of falsity! The odious allegation by Senator Brent is merely a subterfuge to launch another frivolous petition or report to the Police or DSS, all in a desperate attempt to cow me into submission over the pending custody matter between me and Fani-Kayode.

I have no fear of the Senator, who is running the errands for her boss. Suffice it to state for the discerning public that in the event that any harm comes to me in the course of the custody battle pending in Court, both Femi Fani-Kayode and Senator Brent are to be held to account and responsible!

I have decided to put this matter into the public domain because Senator Brent on 29th July 2021, verbally threatened to deal with me using the Police and the DSS! Given the antecedents of her collaborator-in-chief, there is no iota of doubt that they are indeed trying to use law enforcement agents to accomplish their dastardly and nefarious agenda against me!

Given my previous experience of bestial brutality using the same methodology; I wish to place it on public record that Senator Brent not only falsely accused me, but also audaciously and contumaciously threatened me before witnesses! I have chosen to make this public as it is clear to me that all of this is geared towards muscling me to get off my custody suit, which is now pending before the Court of Appeal over an interlocutory issue filed by FFK in an attempt to frustrate the substantive matter.

In a proxy response to Precious’ allegations, Brent started thus: ” permit me to thank family, friends, honourable and distinguished members of the parliament, concerned Nigerians and the general public, who have made spirited and frantic solidarity efforts, to stand by Senator Grace Folashade Brent on the occasion of a recent publication, which was patently intended to defame and denigrate her.

This publication, which was at the behest of one Ms. Precious Chikwendu has been making rounds on the internet and diverse social media platforms.

As a civil and law abiding citizen of Nigeria, the distinguished Senator immediately reported the matter to the Police and investigation is ongoing.

For the records, a swift report had to be made to the relevant enforcement agency, because the publication alleged that the distinguished Senator was after the life of Ms. Precious Chikwendu!

This is a very weighty allegation of assassination tendencies and intendment.

The publication also alleged that Senator Grace Brent was out to pervert the course of justice by making efforts at muscling Ms. Precious Chikwendu to abandon her children custody suit.

This is another bold allegation of criminality and disregard for the rule of law which no citizen of Nigeria who knows his/her onions would be mute over!

Lastly, the publication falsely alleged that the distinguished Senator is on an errand for Chief Femi Fani-Kayode and that they will together abusively activate the machineries of enforcement agencies against Miss Precious Chikwendu!

As earlier noted, a complaint has been submitted for investigations bearing in mind that the publication was primarily meant to incite the public against the distinguished Senator and to criminally damage the reputation she has built over the years.

Senator Grace Brent is a mother to many and a grandmother who appreciates family values and mutual respect for all and sundry.

Her interface with Ms. Precious Chikwendu is not in any way significant, and is limited to about only two occasions.

This is the more reason it became imperative to lodge the complaint, because the suggestion that the Senator wants to murder her is dangerous, inexplicable and unfathomable!

The public should be in mind that Senator Folasade Grace Brent, is the mother of Jackie, a single mother of one, she flew to Lagos when her daughter got evicted from the Big Brother Naija house and was seen praying for her daughter before the world. What will make this mother and grandmother come after an orphan, mother of 4 sons who at this time need love, understanding and support of all women, mothers and humanity at large at this moment of trauma she is being subjected to by FFK who remains the father of her children and should at least for that sake show emotional maturity towards the only woman her sons will forever know and treasure as their biological mother.

This may be answered today by the dance at the police headquarters! We can only trust that Nigeria media will serve the dance in details, step by step. The masquerade of the moment have chosen to show Nigerians new dance steps and have elected to do it in the secrecy of the IGP’s office, I hope you won’t miss it?

It is left to the IGP, what to make out of this dance whether to further allow the image of the Police to be battered or to use it to salvage it and send a massage of confidence to all Nigerians and the world at large that a new Sherrff is in town!

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi, an Apostle with focus on revival and revolution, the BID, as he is fondly called, is also a strategic communicator.

FB: Bolaji Akinyemi


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