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GGM Calls For Total Understanding Over Naira And Fuel Crisis

Good Governance Ministry,the first political Ministry in Nigeria pursuing good Governance and public accountability wishes to confirm that the present political class have failed woefully to live up the expectations. Their failures to execute simple public policies that would have solved problems instead of creating suffering and avoidable death is an indication of dearth of ideas .

GGM pleads with the ordinary people to endure the current ugly condition where prices of crude products have climbed to the high heavens in a country that was endowed with abundance oil resources as well as manpower. The CBN decision to redesign naira notes was well intended but poorly executed . Nigeria with a population size of above N200M and with majority unable to use electronic channels to effect financial transactions,CBN should have been proactive in flooding the money market with lower bills months ago. The ordinary people of Nigeria should not be exposed to the current suffering because of well intended objective of discouraging vote buying and selling as well as making naira unproductive.

However ,GGM calls for understanding and urges the people to lie low at least ,till after election and use the anger to vote out wicked and selfish politicians . Note that at Presidential level ,GGM has endorsed Peter Obi and asked all her supporters and followers to vote for Labour party come February 25, 2023.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu,GGM Ambassador

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