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GGM Calls On Governor Soludo To Implement His Manifesto On Openness and Transparency In Government Business.

Good Governance Ministry (GGM) is most disturbed with the level of secrecy that has characterized Soludo Administration. Few days ago ,Tinubu – led Federal Government announced N5billion palliative and the distribution of five trucks of rice(100,000bags), 40,000bags of grains and fertilizers due to States as a measure to alleviate the impact of subsidy removal on the citizens .

GGM has noted the efforts of Prof Zulum of Borno State and other State Governors to show love to their people in this period of economic strangulation.

In line with Prof Soludo Manifesto which stated that transparency, especially in public
finance, will be key in building the kind of public confidence
required and that Government will deploy technology and responsive public services to achieve optimal service delivery , GGM ,however , expects information on how Anambra State Government plans to alleviate the economic hardship imposed on the citizens as a result of subsidy removal and floating of naira . This information ought to be given media hype by the State Government without further delay.

The continuous silence on the part of Anambra State Government on public policy initiative to address economic dislocations occasioned by subsidy removal and floating of naira only indicates insensitivity to the highest order.

GGM strongly urge Governor Soludo to demonstrate openness, accountability, and transparency in his administration in line with his contract with Anambra people (Manifesto). The people of Anambra deserve to know how public funds from Federal Government will be utilized and; where and when the accompanying foodstuff will be distributed. We call upon Governor Soludo to provide regular updates and ensure that the funds are judiciously used to the benefit of ndi Anambra while the palliative reaches those who truly need it, regardless of their political affiliations.

Finally,GGM noted that the level of economic inequalities have increased to the high heavens and if nothing is done urgently to reverse the ugly trend , the state of insecurity will be unchecked in the nearest future.

Comrade Chukwuemeka Chibuzor

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