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Group To IPOB: Reflect Upon Consequences Of Your Actions, Join Us In Addressing Concerns Of Biafrans

Pro-Biafran group, Biafra Defacto Customary Government, BDFCG, has stated that Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB’s use of violence and intimidation criminalized the legitimate and peaceful agitation for Biafran self-determination, made it more difficult for Biafrans to organize and advocate for their rights, and further marginalized them within the Nigerian society.

The group said that IPOB’s policies represented by various cronies have been characterized by numerous internal and external human rights abuses that have created climate of fear and intimidation among Biafrans, and made it difficult for effective and constructive political participation as Biafrans, a strategy it described as “worthy” but “gamed away by IPOB”.

Reacting to the recent statement made by the legal team of the IPOB under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu; indicating the group’s readiness for negotiation, BDFCG, in a statement by its Spokesperson, Prosper Odinga, expressed regret that individuals have been subjugated to inhumane treatments and deaths as a result of absurd rhetorics and policies of IPOB.

The group said that IPOB pendulum over her policies; as evident from the statements by the legal team, is seen further as gimmick to avoid the irreparable damage on the Biafran cause, adding that it is only through genuine and inclusive negotiations, as well as addressing the root cause of the agitation will the legitimate concerns of the Biafran people living in Nigeria for now be addressed.

BDFCG reminded IPOB and the general public of its longstanding position against incitation of violence that would contradict the foundational ideal of Biafra, saying that it has consistently advocated peaceful dialogue and non-violent means to address the concerns and aspirations of the Biafran people.
“We firmly believe that resorting to violence and incendiary slogans undermines the very essence of our noble cause and hinders the progress towards a peaceful resolution”.

While mourning the death of victims and extending deepest condolences to their families and loved ones, BDFCG said it recognizes the pain and suffering caused by IPOB tragic events, and reiterates its commitment to seeking justice for all those affected.

Restating firm stand on its commitment to promoting peaceful dialogue, unity, and justice for all, BDFCG urged IPOB to reflect upon the consequences of their past actions and join forces with them towards achieving a just and equitable system.
“Together, let us strive for a future where the grievances of the Biafran people are addressed through peaceful means, and where the victims of violence find solace and justice”.

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