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How Biafra Can Be Achieved -Frank Nweke Jr

Frank Nweke Jr, the gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, on Thursday addressed Biafran agitators in a section of his rousing lecture delivered at the Faculty of Arts, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Nweke, who shared his perspectives on how the Igbos can reclaim their identity was unequivocal in stating that while the agitations for secession could be traced to logical reasons, the methods deployed by the majority of the separatists groups were counterproductive.

In his submissions, the guest lecturer recalled the devastating effects of the civil war, highlighted the loss incurred by the southeast for every day a sit-at-home order is observed and implored individuals demanding a secession to consider the effects continued agitations would have on the people they desire to liberate.

“The effects of your agitation today are not felt by those who govern us. Instead, the poor are getting poorer, being battered by a government that ignores them and a nonstate actor that keeps them in fear.

“The Southeast bleeds profusely every Monday that local businesses, schools, hospitals, and institutions are closed. We lose an average of N75.711 billion every day that a sit-at-home is observed.” He shared.

Instead, he urged them to pay attention to instituting a leadership structure that will be trusted and held accountable to deliver the dividends of democracy to our region.

“What is the quality of the leadership that will take over the reins of administration should a referendum be granted, and the new entity demanded with intense passion become a reality?

“I implore you to reconsider the motives and the strength of your pursuit. I speak to you as one that is unhappy with the current system and wants to see a change, that we sit down and re-evaluate our methods, our goals, and our values.”

The Lecture, which was the first in the series for the Faculty of Arts, University of Nigeria, Nsukka in 2023 had in attendance almost 3000 students, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Patrick Uchenna Okpoko, the Dean, Faculty of Arts, Professor Obi Ani and the Head of the English and Literary Studies Department and Chairman, Local Organizing Committee for the lecture, Professor Stella Okoye.

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