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VIDEO!!! I Am A Biafran & I’m Taking This Battle To Abuja – Obumneke Explodes

Lawmakers are representatives of their people. Their primary duties are to demand what their people want and lobby until their demands are approved. In 2019 general election campaign period, voters should boldly ask contestants, especially aspiring lawmakers what are their aims of contesting for intended positions. When that is done, we will find out that most contestants do not know their expected constitutional duties rather they are seeking for power, fame, titles (like honourable and distinguished senator) and money. Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor is a firm supporter of the call for reduction of salary and allowances of federal lawmakers to be at par with earnings of permanent secretaries. If that is done, mediocres will be discouraged from contesting for the positions.

As presidential and federal lawmakers campaigns for 2019 general election commences, I am calling on my team, supporters, fans and Ndi Igbo to take my message to all the nooks and crannies of Anambra central senatorial zone and to entire Biafrans. Our freedom is within our reach. All we need to achieve it are to vote for Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor and use our time and resources to ensure that he wins. My primary aim is to seek for freedom of my people and other indigenous nationalities in Nigeria through bills for autonomous regions, sovereign national conference, referendum and change of constitution. My people, our freedom is guaranteed via political process. Vote for Mazi Obumneke and see it done.

Please spread this good news by sharing it widely and by talking to voters. Share my campaign posters too.

Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor,
Anambra Central Senatorial Candidate of National Conscience Party (NCP)

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