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I will throw Peter Obi a big Party if he wins Three States – Atiku’s Spokesperson

Daniel Bwala the Spokesperson of Atiku Campaign said he will throw a big party if Peter Obi wins three states in 2023 election.

Bwala made this declaration while featuring on Channels TV Politics Today program on Thursday .
He made statement while reactng to the result of the online pre-test poll organised by ANAP Foundation.

The foundation had released the result of the online poll suggesting that Obi led the race with 21 percent while Bola Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) came second with 13 percent each.

Bwala said, “In a normal poll that will attract credibility, that will be a poll clearly in one breath as you release the poll, you must also release the sample size and the margin error.

The sample size and margin of error will identify whether the polling was actually carried out correctly or not. You can stretch further to ask for the sampling – was it done by a phone call? If it was done by phone call, then the people who didn’t phone probably were not part of the polling.


“You also go to the extent of asking for the demographic, and then the place where the polling was carried out.

This polling was carried out online. Because Peter Obi, online has a measure of people who are very active for him much more than the other candidates, and that is because there was algorithm and data analytics that was carried out that came up with the findings that 57.5 percent of people who follow Peter Obi and engage for him on social media do not live in Nigeria.”

In fact, majority of whom are bots on Twitter. They are not real human beings. If you take away 57.5 percent of the people who are acting for him, who probably live abroad and they don’t have voter cards and likely not to come to vote. What it means is that Peter Obi is basking in the euphoria of hallucination, and this polling is a true reflection of that.


“The interesting you can find out about the result is that if you look at, they said that there is a finding that from 46 years to 59 and 61 years and above are the most that said they are willing to vote. Meanwhile, Peter Obi’s movement said that he has the millennium of the young people, how do you juxtapose this?


“In the polling, they said older people are the ones that are showing excitement to vote, while in real life he is saying that his strength is drawn from the community of the young people.”


Bwala speaking on the how the votes will be generated, he said while other parties are trying to gain access into other regions outside their home regions, PDP is already there.

“If you look at the political parties, they all lean towards a particular geopolitical zone.


“For a candidate to become a president in Nigeria, that person must score the highest majority of the lawful vote cast and must have at least 25 percent of vote cast in 24 states of the federation.


“While NNPP is saying we are making e-roll into the East, PDP is saying we are already there. While Labour Party is saying we are trying to make e-roll into the North, PDP is saying we are already there. While NNPP is saying we are likely to have problem in the East because of Peter Obi, PDP is making the bold statement to say we are not only there but we are dominant there because, you can verify, there is no single stakeholder in the entire Southeast that is supporting Peter Obi.


“It is still the social media people, and that is why I said that this manipulative strategy reflected in the form of polling is to give Nigerians a false sense of belief that Peter Obi is active or stands a chance.”

Mocking Peter Obi , he said if he wins just three states he will throw the biggest party.

“Peter Obi, if he is able to win three states in Nigeria, I will throw the biggest party for him.”



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