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Igbo are in great danger in Nigeria – Nnia Nwodo

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President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Nnia Nwodo, has said that the Igbo people are in grave danger in Nigeria.

Nwodo also called for prayers for the Igbo people to change the situation and challenges faced by them.

Nwodo was quoted to have spoken, during the weekend, at a church service in his honour by the Knights of St. John at St. Mulumba Catholic Church in New Haven, Enugu.

Nwodo said it was important that other ethnic groups understand the peculiarity of challenges faced by the Igbo.

He said: “I dedicate myself completely to all the supplication as offered in the Mass. I ask Ndigbo wherever they are to pray collectively for all of us.”

We are in dire straight, we are in very grave situation. I also ask that we pray for other Nigerians to understand our peculiar circumstances, understand our case and give us once more a hand of fellowship in a united Nigeria,” Nwodo said.

Also speaking at the event, President of the Commandery services of the New Haven Gilbert Obu said Nwodo is a member of Commandery.

He said the Commandary have decided to honour him for this reason.

“We thank God for Ohanaeze for our checkered history,” Obu said.

“We know that this is a man whom God has groomed like David in the Bible. We know that he will take Igbo to higher heights. What he needs is prayers and support every Igboman can give him.

“We expect so much from him in Nigeria contest, as you can see Igbo have not gotten anything now. All the commanders of armed forces, the police, there is no Igboman.

So, we want to make an impact for Nigerians to know that Igbo are here to stay because we are part of Nigeria. We should be given the right position,” he said.
Source: Sun Newspaper.

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