The urgency of a paradigm and radical shift in the south east political culture is begging for immediate attention. The political culture of buying and selling of votes, the culture of election boycott, political indifference and frustrating political naivety among our populace, have birthed a brand-new political movement -People Restoration Movement.

Peoples Restoration Movement (PRM) is an ideologically driven political mass movement created to practically engage the public on the need to elect credible and visionary people into political positions and to provoke discussions for autonomous regional Government within the political circle.

To achieve the above objectives, PRM, driven by men and women with highest senses of passion and commitment, has put in place short, medium and long run measures to liberate our people from political ignorance. In the short term, within one year, PRM shall embark on massive political education via online/ offline platforms, and intervening in social dislocations within our Region. In the medium terms, within 2 years ,PRM targets to assemble men and women from all works of life to form a coalition of ideologically driven political movement that would influence political decisions within our Zone and beyond .In the long run, within 3 years, the Movement will transform into a Political Party or consolidate with existing political parties with same ideology from other Regions to build a new political order in pursuit of autonomous Regional agenda.

In pursuing the above set programs, PRM will be guided by utmost ethical standard and will always pay attention to addressing social, economic and political issues. PRM will work with individuals, groups and organizations that share the ideology of freedom ,justice and equitable distribution of our endowed human and natural resources. In PRM,we believe that people are the Masters while those in Government are The Servants of the People


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