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Join Brand New Political Class To Solve Societal Problems – Ndubuisi Anaenugwu

Truth kills all lies . Our people need solution . We have provoked the Masses to appreciate the ugly situation in Nigeria but the next stage is to provide solution. GGM and BVI Channel 1 are offering solution in practical terms.

Super structure controls the substructure. Our politicians have destroyed the superstructure. We need brand new Political class to organise the people . The job is not easy but must be done. Don’t wait until you become the Governor or elected person , start now no matter how small.

Though , a lot depends on our institutions to show directions. For instance , millions of our active human resources are being wasted because of certificate driven education system . Our system is designed to support and encourage consumption and has no room for creativity and production . That is why we cannot solve our very simple problems like poor road infrastructure, high cost of food , housing , healthcare,access to cheap loanable fund etc. Visionary Leadership can solve all these problems by assembling brand new Political class ready to serve and add value .

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu is the Deputy Leader of Good Governance Ministry (GGM)


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