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MOBIN Spits Fire


Following the events happening in the country, it has become imperatively expedient for us at MOBIN to speak. It will be foolhardy for any right thinking person to dismiss the event that took place/taking place in the country.
It is no longer news that true to their threat, the menace of Fulani Herdsmen is going on unchallenged in the country and everyone is moving on as though all is well.
We at MOBIN are seriously disturbed by the activities of these foreigners as stated by the president and security chiefs because we are asking the question; “After middle belt is conquered, where is next” knowing fully well the proximity between the middle belt and Biafra land, we are scared that our land is going to witness a full-scale attack that will make what is happening in Benue and Taraba combined together a child’s play. Already, our people no longer go to farm because their farms have been overtaken by Fulani Herdsmen.
On the action of some hoodlums on the floor of the senate by some thugs suspected to be loyal to  Senator OmoAgege representing Delta central, MOBIN as a political movement is deeply concerned and wants the remote and immediate cause of the action thoroughly investigated and the culprits severely punished so as to prove to the world that this place is indeed not a zoo.
It is also very sad, the statement credited to the Father of the nation- President Mohammed Buhari at the common wealth meeting in London. The statement is not only wrong, but regrettable and should be a wake up call to all youths of Nigeria. This further gives credence to the call by MOBIN for people to elect leaders that understand their yearnings and aspirations as a people. We join other Nigerians to condemn this statement by the president in its strongest terms and call on the president not to only retract the statement but to also tender an unreserved apology to the hardworking youths of this nation that has given their all for the country and receives nothing in return.
MOBIN wishes also to thank Senators Enyinnaya Abaribe and Victor Umeh for their unending efforts to give Biafrans a voice in the upper legislative chamber. Senator Abaribe without minscing words have continued to challenge the docility of the federal Government in tackling the security challenges that have befallen the country. Senator Victor Umeh too has made us proud in his recent statement in which he said “I remember with nostalgia when the IPOB people were branded terrorists, people who were not killing anybody. Government quickly moved on and branded them terrorists and went ahead to go to the court to get them proscribed.
“Why have government not taking equal measure on the issue of this herdsmen killing people everywhere? That is the problem Nigeria has. They want somebody to say it.
“The security chiefs should apply equal measure in dealing with this problem.”
He has by his action proven to be a Biafran and we commend him so much for his bravery and thank him for not letting us down.
MOBIN wishes to encourage all Biafrans to remain politically conscious and participate in all political process in the country to elect leaders that will always get the job done in the interest of the masses. To this end, MOBIN encourages all Biafrans to go and get their Permanent Voters Card PVC and go out to vote during the elections.
Eberechukwu Anigbogu
Umeh Clinton
Secretary General MOBIN
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