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Osun Election: Yussuff Replies Tinubu’s Demeaning Remark on Labour Party

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi has charged the electorate in Osun state to troop out en mass to cast their votes massively for Hon. Lasun Yussuff under the platform of the party in the election.

He also kicked against vote buying and charged the Osun electorate to take any money offered to them but vote for the candidates of their choice adding that the money offered was stolen from government covers and therefore belongs to them.

Obi who made the charge at the party mega rally held at WOCDIF centre, Osogbo, handed over the party flag to Hon. Yusuf as the party candidate for the coming exercise with confidence that, he would steer the ship of the party to the promised land being given the opportunity.

The presidential candidate further remarked that voting for the Labour Party governorship candidate in the exercise would be of advantage to the people of the state as Lasun is the only credible candidate among other candidates in the other political parties.

He added that whosoever votes for the Labour party candidate voted for productivity and dividends of democracy because he is a man of impeccable characteristics with dignified inexplicable managerial acumen.

Obi also described him as a thoroughly bred politician with the intimidating credentials that would deliver on the aspirations of the people of the state.

Speaking on the spate of insecurities, segregation, tribalism, nepotism and other nefarious activities that have irrigated the country, Obi said, it was the right time for Nigerians to set themselves free and vote for a better alternative that can be found in Labour Party.

According to him, “there is a need for Nigerians to be shown love and compassion which the dominant parties lacked as manifested in the way they treat the youths, the workers and the entire citizens of Nigeria.”

Also speaking, the candidate of the party, Hon. Lasun Yussuff said he is better equipped to govern Osun State because he has what it takes to govern successfully having served as deputy Speaker House of Representatives.

Lasun pointed out that, “yesterday, the APC presidential candidate, Ahmed Tinubu said, we can go and labour and die. Does a virtuous Yoruba person say such? I describe them as people of anonymous backgrounds. We don’t know them. Their life is anonymous.”

“They just want us to see that they have money. Yorubas, can money do all things? This is the seat of Oduduwa. Anybody who calls himself a Yoruba man and has refused to imbibe the ethos of Omoluabi does not fit to be a Yoruba leader. How will you tell us to go and labour and die? They are only telling our parents that they have laboured in vain.”

My father was a carpenter and my mother a kolanut trader and they trained me in school with their labour.”

“These people don’t mean well to us, by God’s grace, they will not get there. In Yoruba a poem, what was referred to as the antidote for poverty? Work! Anyone that works will labour. With this, you see that they are not intelligent yet they pretend to be because you have to work.”

The grammar work and pray or pray and work is correct but the one that is sensible is work and pray. How will someone want to remove work from our day-to-day life and say we are going to be suffering. They don’t know it. I am a trained engineer.”

“The only way we can move from this pedestrian level is to make sure we start the manufacturing level. The stage in the economy is production, manufacturing and service but unfortunately, we have been pretending for the past 60years to think we can compete with the developed world and be operating the service economy like them. We have to go back to the production level.”

On Facebook, I read something that I’ll not get votes, but it will shock them. Saturday is here already. Hope you heard they invaded my house with guns. If truly they came to my house the first time if truly they came to my house and I’m inside with my family, everyone involved in the attack and we’re now saying in the news that I am lying, I put them in God’s hands and their generations.

“We are the ones living here, we established companies here. I’ll tell you how they are not humans. They came four years ago and said they are giving us a financial engineer. It’s over three and a half years but the financial engineer did not engineer anything,” he stressed.


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