Sharia To Be Fully Enforced In London.

Plan to Islamize Europe has been perfected by team of fanatical Islamic fundamentalist led by Anjem Choudary. The full implementation of sharia code has already commence in parts of London. Video Report obtained from RT news revealed. Watch the views below and tell us your opinion about that.

Muma Gee & Prince Eke’s Marriage Crashed.

The rate at wish marriages of nollywood’s star’s crash in recent time can only be compared with the rate Naira crashes against dollar in capital market as witnessed by Nigerians under the present Federal Government.

From Tonto Dike’s Marriage to Emeka Ike’s marriage that was recently dissolved by a court in Lagos State. Now Prince Eke a popular nolloywood action movie star’s marriage with Music star Muma Gee join the long train of failed marriages of Nollywood stars…