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Prof Soludo needs our collective prayers as he takes over the mantle of political Leadership of the entire Igbo Nation today – Ndubuisi Anaenugwu

History will be made today – that for the first time in the Nigeria history ,we are blessed with a State Governor who is first class in all fields of human endeavour. This is a man who has served the world , served Nigeria and who has played with the good ,the ugly and the evil ones and came out as one powerful institution, endowed spiritually ,mentally ,emotionally,physically and intellectually, ready to cause political earthquake in Nigeria .

Prof Soludo coming to our people rescue is timely as well as divinely . This is a period in our history when we need miracle to keep hope alive! This is a period when the essence of life is meaningless ,valueless and rather worthless ! This is a period of time when public servants are celebrated and applauded for stealing public funds ! This is sad period when criminals are given ‘revered’ titles by Igwes of the communities while the young ones watch! This is a time when our value system is almost being destroyed while the revered office of our traditional institution has been subjected to the game of politics ,hence many communities in igboland have two igwes viz Governor Igwe and people igwe! This is a wrong time to be Governor when the economy is in a state of doldrum ,when households survival depend on miracle! Soludo is coming at a time when there is no incentive for hardworking and creativity while praise singers are given sensitive public offices! Soludo has to battle with certificate tigers with different degrees but has no value to add in actual sense! Prof Soludo is coming at a time when many people are excessively angry with the system demanding for a new nation – Biafra! He is expected to perform many miracles including stopping the Monday sit at home as well as the increasing insecurities in Anambra ! What of millions of jobless youths! Indeed ,this is the wrong time to be Governor!

Prof Soludo needs our daily prayers to perform the needed miracle in shortest possible time! Fortunately ,Soludo came prepared ! With the appointment of Dr Oby Ezekwesili as the Chairman of the transition committee and the alleged SSG, it is time over for career politicians ,praise singers, unproductive and accidental public servants . The combination of Soludo and Oby Ezekwesili ,the indigenous economic Giants , Anambra State,the land of the rising sun will shine light for the entire black race.

As an economist ,I understand the effectiveness of public policies and the miracle such policy implementation can achieve within a short period of time. Prof Chukwuma Soludo is a first class economist with outstanding records in both private and public services. I can only pray for divine protection, direction and intervention in all his( Soludo ) dealings.

The only advice I have for Prof Soludo is to simplify the business of governance and make it less attractive for political businessmen as well as contractors . Make public communication management as efficient as possible so that the common people with village senses will be encouraged to contribute towards a peaceful, successful and prosperous Igbo Nation.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu is Deputy Leader of Good Governance Ministry( GGM)

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