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Soludo’s Government Plan to Construct 220 Kilometers of Roads Scattered Around Anambra

During the 2021 gubernatorial campaign, Anambra residents in unionism appealed to Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo to make road infrastructure and traffic management one of his government priorities when he becomes their governor. They went all out, campaigned, voted and defended their mandates. Ndi-Anambra employed a Governor they could trust!

Many roads across the state left much to be desired; some are death traps causing numerous traffic congestion. Solving the problem is now a cardinal point of Soludo’s government. He is marching word with action by allocating about 31% of the total 2022 revised Anambra budget to the Ministry of Works and Infrastructures.

Having declared state of emergency on road infrastructure, Mr Governor has made it a duty to alleviate the sufferings of the residents. The hydrological studies and hydraulic designs of storm water discharge channels as well as engineering designs are almost completed for the 220 kilometers of roads scattered around Anambra and these roads will all be flagged off for construction before the dry season commences.

It is also important to note that Governor Soludo’s administration will provide road infrastructure through a new framework for a combination of Direct Labour Model and contracting model.

Having completed interventions on washout section of Onitsha – Enugu Federal Highway opposite Chisco Park at Onitsha as well as the Amansea section of the Enugu – Onitsha Federal High way (entry section of Anambra), at a highly cost effective rate, the administration has also resume repair of major federal roads in the state using direct labour and less cost effective. The roads are immense significance to domestic, social and economic development in the state

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