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Vote Is Your Power,Use It Wisely-Ndubuisi Anaenugwu


OurMumuDondo Movement ,Anambra State Chapter has concluded arrangement to commence last minute door to door sensitization exercise on the voting procedure viz ballot paper folding procedure and ensuring that our votes count.

The movement in collaboration with Independent National Electoral Commission will take the campaign to Orumba South Local Government of Anambra State between 14th to 15th Feb 2019 to prepare our people on the best ways to vote for candidates of their choices and to make their votes count in the forthcoming Presidential & National Assembly and State House of Assembly elections.

OurMumuDondo Movement has recently presented a Social contract that defines the rights, duties and responsibilities that govern the exercise of political power in Nigeria and to return political power to the people.

The People of Anambra State are encouraged to exercise their civic responsibility by voting for candidates that would pursue democratic norms and values. OurMumuDondo Movement will resist the daredevil of vote buying and selling during the forthcoming elections.

Vote is your Power, voting is both your right and responsibility. Come out and vote for the right candidates.

Anaenugwu Ndubuisi

The Coordinator-Anambra State Chapter

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