What You Need To Know About Efi Igbo



BVI Channel 1 has gone to town to interview cattle farmers on what it takes to rear Eastern Nigerian Muturu Cattle known as Efi/Ehi Igbo and the possibility of establishing Efi Igbo market .

One of the Farmers we met -a Professor told our Reporters that lack of right funding has been hampering the local farmers from multiplying these local cows into thousands.Again,many businessmen believe in investment that would give them returns within a shortest possible time and that could be the reason why they invest in buying and selling business.

BVI Reporters gathered that a female Muturu Cattle can only deliver the little Calve once a year and it takes an average of 2 years before the little calve will grow to maturity for either meat or procreating.

The price for the little Calve is between N80,000 to N120,000 while the female Efi Igbo is between N180,000 to N250,000.

An investment in Igbo Cow Ranch will take an average of 5 years before effective returns on investment will start.Starting with 200 efi igbo is recommended amounting to N30M for the average cost of buying the Cattles.


The other cost is on arranging the Ranch and personnel cost.An investment of N50M can go a long way in setting up a lifetime animal husbandry investment.

From Research ,only Government intervention and foreign investment can restore the existence of efi igbo within the eastern part of Nigeria in large scale as most business men invest in business that would give them returns within one year.

Maureen reporting for BVI Channel 1 Online



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