BVI Channel 1 is an online media outfit to bridge the communication gap and give the people the voice they deserve.It is fully incorporated in Nigeria to carry on the business of information and media services,internet ,satellite ,radio ,television services,marketing and sales of media products,services and equipment.For just barely one year in operations,BVI channel 1 has almost taken over the cyberspace with millions of committed and dedicated followers spread across the globe especially the working class .BVI channel 1 has a niche in Youtube video production with clientele cutting across Nigeria and beyond.Her core services are online marketing,video coverage,image making ,documentary etc.

BVI Channel 1 was registered to serve the interest of indigenous people across Nigeria with special interest in the people of former eastern Nigeria.The company www.bvichannel1.com records an unprecedented average hit of 100,000 per day with prospects of hitting 1m target in the nearest future.The Company has managed several others.The Youtude address is BVI Channel 1 .BVI Channel 1 is a member of Anambra online publishers