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Enugu State Major Cities To Be Covered With CCTV Camera

BVI Channel 1 can confirm that Gov Peter Mbah has completed  massive CCTV project across the capital city . According to information made available to our reporter ,”Mbah will soon shock Nigerians when humunguous projects under wraps like this are unveiled to the public.
This cctv project has been going on for many months without any noise and now at very advanced stage of completion.The Command and Control Centre with the extremely large screens are already 100% completed and installed at the Government House, from where Enugu will be closely monitored with high definition surveillance cameras that have capacity for facial and number plate recognition.
A note of warning to criminal elements – no place to hide anymore.
Repent or Leave Enugu Now before Mbah gets you” the source concluded.

BVI Channel 1 working with GGM will keep you updated as the south east Governors compete among them on Good Governance.

Maureen Okafor writes for BVI Channel 1 Online

Obi writes Onanuga: Demands Apology, Retraction of statement, N5b within 72 hours

The Presidential Candidate of our Labour Party in the 2023 general elections, Peter Obi has demanded from the Special Adviser on Communication and Strategy to the President, Mr. Bayo Onanuga, the retraction of his wild allegation, linking him as behind the planned mass protest being planned for August.

Recall that the Presidential Spokesperson had on July 20, 2024, claimed in his X handle @aonanuga1956 that “ Peter Ob’s supporters are the people planning mayhem in Nigeria and that Obi should be held responsible for anarchy”

Obi writing through his counsel, Chief Alex Ejesieme, SAN of the MADIBA Chambers said that the allegation which was widely published in social and mainstream media and read by many within and outside the country maligned his hard-earned reputation as a man who indulges in violence when all his antecedents are vivid that he abhors violence even in the face of extreme provocation.

“It’s our client’s conviction that the publication was a calculated plot to demean, ridicule, humiliate and embarrass him by the estimation of every right thinking member of the society”

The letter continued that the allegation may have achieved its insipid motive as well-wishers from all around the globe have inundated Obi to register their shock.

“His appellation as ‘Okwute’ ( the Rock) notwithstanding, the demeaning and scandalous publication has also caused a serious emotional injury to our client given his decades of stellar stewardship in private and public life.

“ Consequently, we have our clients mandate to demand that you retract the statement made in the publication and tender an unreserved apology to him within 72 hours of the receipt of this letter in not less than 4 National Dailies to wit: Vanguard, THISDAY, Punch and the Cable, including your verified X“@aonanuga1956.

“Our client is also making an unequivocal demand for the monetary damage of N5b for the embarrassment your defamatory publication has caused him and his family”

The letter said “In the event of your failure to meet the demands set out above, our client shall be constrained to approach a Court of Competent jurisdiction and take legal action against you for defamation and libel”


Prince Lateef Fagbemi SAN, the nation’s attorney general, became born again after having previously supported the Nigerian governors in their quest to deny local governments (LGs) financial autonomy. Insofar as the brief is good, lawyers, you know, can represent anybody, even terrorists, bandits, rapists, and killers. By the way, local government autonomy is the freedom given to local governments to exercise authority within the confines of the law or constitution. This is to enable them to discharge legally or constitutionally assigned responsibilities satisfactorily but without undue interference or restraint from within or higher authority.

This time, the minister of justice and learned Silk has a different view of the subject of Local Government autonomy. Or, to put it another way, he now works for the Nigerian president, who appointed him as the No. 1 legal officer. He went to the Supreme Court to request an interpretation of certain sections of the 1999 Constitution, which deal with Local Government autonomy.

The Supreme Court granted all of the attorney general’s requested reliefs, which have overarching implications for both the express letters of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) and the fundamental federalist principles that place the governors in charge of overseeing and caring for the local governments. With little to no thought for the landmark ruling’s implications for Nigeria as a federation, the majority of Nigerians appear to concur and commend the Supreme Court on it.

The Supreme Court knew it could not overturn the Constitution; it could only interpret it, so it made a political and policy decision with the judgement under review because the same Supreme Court in 2022 quashed President Buhari’s Executive Order 10 that sought to empower the Accountant General of the Federation to bypass state governments and disburse federal allocations directly to local governments based on violating the principle of federalism.

Today, the Supreme Court is clinging to a perspective that no one can disprove. As a policy court, the Supreme Court renders decisions on constitutional interpretation as a court of first and last instance. In the end, the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the law determines its meaning. Any appeal would be to God and posterity. Put another way, the Supreme Court seems to have the authority to veer off course and create the appropriate legal consequences to fill the gaps and cure contradictions in the Constitution. The 1999 constitution, which has made Nigeria a unitary system and government, is the problem, not the Supreme Court.

It is the 1999 Constitution, which established a joint account between the states and local governments. Although inelegant, Local Government autonomy can be maintained as is, even without amending the constitution to smooth out any rough edges. However, in reality, the governors will be waiting for the Local Government councils and their chairmen to whip them into line.

The 1999 constitution, which established local governments as a layer of government to further solidify unitary federalism, is arguably the worst Nigerian constitution ever operated. The states are the only federating units in any organic federation. Nigeria, however, is not one. Following Nigeria’s unification or amalgamation in 1914, the country began as a unitary system and began to devolve powers by creating states, from 12 to 36 states as of right now and counting.

Weakening the states as federating units is deliberate policy which included the inclusion of local governments in the constitution. It was a calculated move to solidify the unitary system. This provides context for understanding the Supreme Court’s decision. Therefore, support or opposition to the Supreme Court judgement depends on one’s wish for the nation – unitary, or federal system.

By seizing the cash meant for the Local Governments, the governors attempted to regain the status of states as federating units. It was a bad idea that the Supreme Court just declared invalid. Under Section 162(6) of the 1999 Constitution, which created a joint state/local government account, state governors spend money due to the local government on their behalf. Although the governors had depended on the joint account, they will no longer be able to handle local government funds directly, according to this Supreme Court’s decision. Every local government would receive its money straight from the federation account and use it for its purposes without accepting any orders or allowing the state governors to meddle.

That’s where the issue is: state governors now have worthy challengers in their backyards in the Local Government chairmen. There is nothing a governor can do to stop the federal government from dealing directly with any Local Government chairman on any political or economic matter, and that is interference in the states’ affairs as federating units. For this reason, some commentators have claimed that the Tinubu administration is planning to seize control of local governments to circumvent the governors’ overarching influence, particularly when it comes to elections.

Even if this accusation was not the goal of the Tinubu administration, it will eventually turn out to be an unexpected consequence by default, and it may manifest itself to its fullest extent in 2027 when the incumbent president will be running for reelection.

If the governors haven’t seen this coming since 1999, it’s their entire fault. Since Local Government autonomy would need 24-state concurrent affirmations to pass as a constitutional amendment, the governors’ only action whenever it was introduced as a constitutional amendment was to block it in their states.

The complete handover of the Local Governments via their removal from the constitution is what the governors should have fought for the entire time. However, since the Local Governments serve as the foundation for revenue sharing, the states that unfairly benefit from the military’s favouritism—when they unfairly and unequally created the local governments—never gave that much thought because it would mean having less money to play with.

Currently, about 21 states with local government caretaker committees have three months to hold Local Government elections, or else their Local Government allocations will be withheld. Governors appoint Caretaker Committees despite Section 7(1) of the 1999 Constitution stating, “The system of local government by democratically elected local government councils is guaranteed under this constitution; and accordingly, the government of every state shall, subject to Section 8 of the constitution, ensure their existence under a law that provides for the establishment, structure, composition, finance, and functions of such councils.” When such occurs, since the Supreme Court has already made a decision, the governors will be unable to file an appeal with the apex court, as President Tinubu did while serving as the governor of Lagos State during the Obasanjo presidency.

What is more, Section 162(4) of the Constitution allows the president to withhold funds from the Federation Account if a state or local government fails to comply with the provisions of the Constitution or any law enacted by the National Assembly. This section can be invoked by President Bola Tinubu as well.

However, it’s still not enough for Local Government autonomy. The state governors will continue their reliance on the State Independent Electoral Commission (SIEC) to select their cronies as Local Government chairmen and thereby sustain their financial and other forms of indirect control over the Local Governments. Using a constitutional amendment, the FG needs to get INEC to take over the Local Government elections the 3rd tier of government is a constitutional creation.

An electoral agency for Local Government elections is now being considered by the National Assembly. Let it then be mentioned that, as desired as this step may be, it may be the last straw that breaks the nation’s federalism since it will annex the local governments to the centre and finally castrate the states as federating units. Supporters of democracy and federalism should recognise the risk of delegitimising states, or splitting their powers as federating units by elevating Local Governments to the status of federating units. Naming Local Governments in the constitution as a tier is an aberration and anomaly that has to be fixed by removing them from the constitution and granting state governments the authority to create and manage them as they see fit. That is the situation in the other twenty-five federalist nations.

That is the neglected perspective and a risky one at that. Nigeria is either a unitary state or a federation. The judgement has, rather, dealt a severe setback to the principle of federalism as set out in Section 162(3) of the 1999 Constitution. Many informed Nigerians have also stated this.


Just In: Pat Utomi Slams Bayo Onanuga with N500B Lawsuit

A renowned political economist, Prof. Pat Utomi, has threatened a N500 billion lawsuit against President Bola Tinubu’s Special Adviser on Information and Strategy, Bayo Onanuga, over an allegation against him.

Akelicious recalls that Onanuga accused the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi and his supporters of being behind the planned nationwide protests scheduled for August.

The presidential aide alleged that Utomi and some other supporters of Obi are the organisers of the planned nationwide protests against hunger, naira devaluation and economic hardship in Nigeria.

But in a statement he signed on Monday, Utomi, a chieftain of the Labour Party, denied the allegation, saying he has been away from the country for a long time.

Pat Utomi advised Onanuga to withdraw his statement or provide evidence of his claims.

“If there is no evidence of Mr. Onanuga’s false assertion, I will assume it reasonable that the object is to water the ground for false treasonable felony charges that can result in the claim of one’s life. I intend to therefore proceed to the international criminal and other human rights courts if a reasonable explanation is not forthcoming.

I will also have no choice but to institute a claim of N500 billion for fake news, hate speech and intent to procure State murder of an innocent citizen. If judicial capture makes justice problematic in Nigeria I expect that I can trust extra-national institutions and global human solidarity,” Utomi said.


ABSU Student Union Writes Alex Otti Over Death of Student

Students of the Abia State University Uturu has appealed to the Executive Governor of Abia State Dr Alex Otti to establish a functional Hospital or Health Centre within the University Community in Uturu, Isiukwuato Local Government Area of Abia State.

The Students in a Statement jointly endorsed by the Vice President of the Student Union Government of the Abia State University Comrade Onyebuchi Purity. C and the Speaker of the Student Representative Council(SRC)Rt Hon Chukwukere Edward said the Students are now helpless and tired over the incessant loss of lives along the Uturu-Ebonyi Road which is majorly used by the Students of the Abia State University(ABSU)

“Yesterday, we lost a 200 level mass communication student of the University Late Miss Chiamaka Alozie on a ghastly accident at uturu road. This is not the first of its kind, and on this note, we beseach Government interventions”

“We do not have adequate health facilities and hospitals to attend instantaneously to accident victims, and we can’t continue loosing students, yesterday was ALOZIE EMMANUELLA CHIAMAKA who will it be the next?. We humbly plead that you use your good office to provide health facilities for the students of Abia state University”

The Uturu Road needs speed bumps to regulate the over speeding of drivers which will at same time reduce the chances of head on collision and accidents on that road”

We the students of Abia State University which happens to be the only University of our State ABIA have suffered the consequences of staying in darkness for a couple of years, which results to robbery and so many ugly activities. Your excellency sir. We’ll be rightly honored if you will use your good office to provide Electricity to the University and its environs” the Vice President of the SUG stated in her Plea to the Governor.

The Student Representatives Council pleaded with the Governor to Dualize the Uturu-Ebonyi to avert future accidents that may claim more lives of the Students of the Abia State University.



BREAKING: U.S President Joe Biden Withdraws From 2024 Presidential Race

President Joe Biden announced Sunday that he will end his presidential re-election campaign, bringing an abrupt and humbling conclusion to his half-century-long political career and scrambling the race for the White House just four months before Election Day.

Biden, 81, could not reverse growing sentiment within his party that he was too frail to serve and destined to lose to Donald Trump in November.

“While it has been my intention to seek reelection, I believe it is in the best interest of my party and the country for me to stand down and to focus solely on fulfilling my duties as President for the remainder of my term,” Biden wrote in a letter posted on X.
“I will speak to the Nation later this week in more detail about my decision.”

Biden thanked Vice President Kamala Harris for “being an extraordinary partner” but did not endorse her to be his replacement as the Democratic Party presidential nominee in his letter.

Labour Party :Abure Risks Jail Term— LP-NTC

The leadership of the Labour Party National Transition Committee (LP-NTC) has warned Barrister Julius Abure and other members of his group not to risk jail terms and to respect the court’s judgment regarding the expiration of his tenure as the former Chairman of the Party in 2023, which disqualifies him from organizing legitimate elections within the party.

Consequently, the LP-NTC is urging the general public, especially members of the Labour Party throughout Nigeria, to avoid any dangers that could jeopardize their political careers by dissociating themselves from sudden unconstitutional wards, local government, and state congresses being conducted by Abure and others.

A statement signed by Alhaji Abdulwaheed Omar, Chairman of the Labour Party National Transition Committee (LP-NTC), over the weekend, asserted that any ward, local government, and state elections conducted in all the states of the Federation by the Abure-led National Working Committee (NWC)—particularly in states like Anambra, Imo, Edo, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Sokoto, Ondo, Kaduna, and Adamawa—remain null and void in the eyes of the law.

The LP-NTC further pointed out that the ward, local government areas, and state congresses allegedly being organized in several states by the Julius Abure-led National Working Committee (NWC) would be futile, as Abure has lost the authority to organize further legitimate elections for the Labour Party, stressing that such efforts would only result in a waste of funds and human resources.

The LP-NTC warned that any elections organized by Julius Abure are illegal and represent another scheme to extract money from innocent, misinformed members of the Labour Party and the general public.

“The reported congress venture by Barr Abure and his others are also acts of blatant disobedience to an irrevocable court judgment of the Abuja Federal High Court delivered on March 20, 2018, by Honourable Justice Gabriel Kolawole”.

Furthermore, Committee said that the current Abure Congress expedition is also a violation of the Nigeria Electoral Act, the operations of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the Nigeria Constitution which ultimately regulates the affairs of political parties.

“Recall that the INEC, the Labour Party leader Mr. Peter Obi, the elected Labour Party members of States/National Assemblies and other informed, law-abiding stakeholders of our party nationwide boycotted, did not recognize and have since consistently dissociated themselves from the fraudulent Nnewi convention based on which Julius Abure and his cohorts claim authority to act as National Executive (NEC) Council and National Working Committee (NWC) of Labour Party to conduct congresses.

“Also recall that to make their positions clear beyond doubt on the illegitimacy of Abure’s unlawfully concocted Nnewi convention of March 27, 2024, INEC through the commission’s Chief Press Secretary, Mr Rotimi Oyekami, Mr Peter Obi himself reiterating through his spokesman, Dr Yunusa Tanko, and other stakeholders publicly dissociated themselves in both formal print and electronic media from the Nnewi gathering.

“Ironically, it is on that multi-institutionally condemned, rejected, dismissed and invalid, illegal convention that Julius Abure and his friends of the Labour Party rely on as their authority to conduct congresses of the party and to engage themselves to, uninformed Labour Party members and the Nigerian public as the National Working Committee (NWC) of the party.

“Furthermore, in stark contravention of INEC guidelines for the conduct of congresses by political parties and contrary to the false information being dished out to the public and uninformed Labour Party members, we have on good authority that just like their Nnewi convention charade, INEC did not approve the so-called congresses of Abure”.

N70,000 Approved Minimum Wage: End Feeding Bottle Federalism Now . Anaenugwu Ndubuisi

The approved minimum wage of N70,000 will not address the fundamental economic challenges being experienced by Nigerian Workers. Not even N250,000 will fix the economic conditions of the workers ! An increase in minimum wage without corresponding increase in productivity will amount to nothing!

A more fundamental approach is desirable at this critical period in our history . It seems to me that most people at the corridor of power do not understand the problem with Nigeria.

This approved minimum wage of N70,000 can only keep the workers in perpetual state of slavery and beggerly .

Our Political Leaders have not learnt anything from history and  deceit game has continued since after the civil war.

Realistically, minimum wage should consider the cost of living such as food , accommodation , transportation, healthcare etc . NLC painstakingly , tabulated the variables that added up to their final demand figure. I have not seen how a least paid worker will survive with N70,000 per month! I have not also seen performance targets set for workers to earn performance bonus.

For clarity purpose , our feeding bottle federalism is the problem with Nigeria as a country . This present system started after the first military coup in Nigeria and the 1999 constitution as amended democratized the unitary constitution . The central government is overburdened with loads of activities that the high cost of servicing the unproductive ventures in the exclusive list of federal government becomes a big setback towards the march for development and advancement. This unproductive system must be dismantled immediately.

There are immediate actions to be taken by President Tinubu as listed below;
1.Return the control of all the natural resources to the States just as electricity business is returned to the States.

2. Make workers wages to be paid per hour. People can work in many places as they like. Determine the minimum amount to be paid per hour like N4000.

3. Return most ministries to the state like education, transportation, agriculture,works ,housing etc . So many federal ministries and agencies are just conduit pipes for diverting public funds .

4. Use creative means to ensure that indigenous engineers are running the 4 refineries we have and bring the price of crude oil products below N200.
5. Hire local mercenaries to fight bandits across the Country and ensure that farmers return to their farmlands with adequate incentives.
6. Retire all the public servants with unexplainable sources of income ( bvn will assist ) and ensure that resources are evenly distributed.
7. Ensure that all Nigerians are captured in National Identity card system within two months.There is no reason why unemployed Nigerian should not be receiving N100,000 monthly in his/her bank account.

8. Defend and stabilize naira using creative means . You cannot float naira when international trade is not favourable.

There are many other things a President who loves his people can do to create general happiness . This is if only those politicians in government can have change of heart and use the resources of the people for the welfare of the people .

Minimum wage of N70,000 will not solve any problem .

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu is the Ambassador -General of Good Governance Ministry

Enugu Gov’t and Diasporan investors have sealed a $300 million deal to establish a Medical City

The Government of Enugu State and a group of Nigerians in the diaspora have sealed a deal to build an over $300 million state-of-the-art medical city in the state.

The medical city, which would play in all the value chain of medical services to make Enugu State the hub of medical tourism on the African continent, will see the state provide 100 hectres of land in consideration for which it would get a 10 per cent equity stake in the Special Purpose Vehicle, SPV, for the development.

Welcoming the executive and management of African Medical City, who are mostly Nigerian medical doctors based overseas, Mbah said the state government would discharge its obligations with dispatch to ensure a timely realisation of the initiative, blaming lack of modern facilities for the over $1 billion, which Nigerians are estimated to spend on medical tourism annually.

“What we are witnessing here today is monumental, and we cannot take the value and the significance of it for granted. This is in line with the humongous promise we made to our people during our campaign for office to grow our GDP exponentially from $4.4 billion to $30 billion.

“But we recognised that a lot of that growth will come from the private sector; and we also recognised that it has to be enabled by the government. So, our strategy was to have a government-enabled, but private sector-driven economy.

“So, coming to Enugu with an investment size of over $300 million, we knew it was something that must not escape us when we heard of it. We must do everything necessary to ensure that the investment is not only sitting here, but that we also recruit you as one of our testimonials, people who can market Enugu based on your experience in terms of how we made it easy for you to come here and invest and how we have also shown transparency, accountability and integrity in the entire process.

“You can be assured that we will discharge all those obligations creditably,” the governor said.

Speaking, Chairman of the African Medical City, Dr. Ethelbert Nwanegbo, said the group was attracted to Enugu by the investment and ease of doing business push by the present administration in the state.

“What we are trying to do here is to establish a medical city. A medical city is not just a medical building, to be sure. So, when we think of Africa, we think of Nigeria and think of yesterday.“

In his remark, the President/CEO of African Medical City, Dr. Uchenna Ogbozor, assured that the organisation would hit the ground running.

“African Medical City is a big organisation and we have 21 members as it stands today. So, I want to commend our members, including those that are not here, for their financial commitment and capabilities.

“We are looking at this investment to be an over $300 million investment. The government is giving us 100 hectres of land, representing 10 per cent of the investment”.

Also on the AMC delegation was Mr. Joseph Michael Budetti, a financial advisor.

BREAKING: Rep Members Slash Salaries By 50% Over Nationwide Hunger

Members of the House of Representatives have agreed to cut their salaries by 50 percent for six months as part of their solidarity and sacrifice to support the economic hardship and hunger Nigerians are going through at the moment.

This followed the adoption of an amendment to a motion’s prayer moved by the Deputy Speaker of the House, Benjamin Okezie Kalu, on the need for lawmakers to sacrifice 50% of their N600,000 monthly salaries to support Nigerians in view of the hardship in the land.

Kalu’s amended prayer was to a motion by Rep Isiaka Ayokunle calling on proponents of the planned nationwide protests to jettison the idea and engage the government in dialogue.

The deputy Speaker said the salary cut is to be used to support federal government’s efforts to address rising cost of food stuffs in the country with the view to ameliorating the hardship Nigerians are going through.

We report that by slashing their salaries by 30%, the 360 lawmakers will be sacrificing N108 million monthly for the next six months.

Source : Daily Trust