10 ways to spend Easter holiday


Easter holiday weekend is here and sadly, the weather is not looking too favourable. However, this long weekend provides a perfect opportunity for home improvement and family togetherness.

Easter is traditionally a time for DIY (Don’t Injure Yourself), be it from decorating to landscaping or even solidifying your family bond. We take a look at ten such ways:

1 Make your home clean

Eastertide has officially sprung, so what better time for a home clean? You can either choose to focus on one room, or work your way around the whole property. It’s a great time to tackle some of those jobs you may have been putting off, for example cleaning out the fridge, or washing the windows. You’ll be amazed at how much better the place looks– and it also provides the perfect opportunity to try rearranging the furniture.

2 Go to the cinema

The weather on Sunday is set to be the best of the days over the long weekend, so that is the perfect day to go to the cinema. You can take your kids to the nearest cinema within your reach. Cinemas such as Filmhouse IMAX, Silverbird Cinema, Ozone, Ground Zero Cinema, Nollywood Cinemas among others would be best place to be.

3 Upcycle

Don’t have the money for a new sofa or kitchen table, but the old one is looking a little bit tatty? Take the Easter holidays as a chance to upcycle! A fresh coat of paint can make your old table and chair set look fresh, while a new throw (or if you’re feeling creative, sewing new covers) can add a whole new lease of life to a sofa.

4 Add a splash of colour

A lick of paint can totally refresh a room! Whether your living room looks a bit dull, or your child has outgrown the design of their bedroom, Easter provides a perfect opportunity for redecoration. Peruse the shops for your ideal paint or wallpaper and make your home your personal haven. If it is a child’s room that needs attention, make sure they help pick out the colours and design and even get them involved with the painting if they are old enough. If they are teenagers, you could even set a budget for items such as accessories (lampshade, curtains, etc.). This will make them feel prouder of the finished product – and might even mean they will keep it a bit cleaner!

5 Clean the gutters

It’s not the most pleasant job but it has to be done – especially following such a stormy winter! Not cleaning the gutters can lead to serious problems, since water that gets stuck in the gutters finds the path of least resistance when it tries to drain…which can often be into the walls and ceilings of your house.

6 Spend time with your little ones

Take the time to talk to your children about the Easter story, or your spiritual beliefs. Children like to understand and celebrate religious ceremonies, and take advantage of the many festivals at this time of year to encourage your children’s spiritual development.

7 Share more moments with your family

Sneak a little time away from everyone. Give your partner an hour away from the family and ask them to do the same for you. With the longer days, this could even be a stroll once the children are in bed. When you are away, give yourself the time to enjoy your surroundings and the changes that Spring has brought.

8 Enjoy a meal together

A meal with your family will quench your hunger during the Easter break. If your children are old enough, get them involved in choosing ingredients, shopping for them and cooking the meal. Even if they play a small part, it’s a helpful and positive step for their development for them to join in with mealtimes.

9 Pray together

A family that stays together prays together. Ensure you share the word and pray together to make your Easter a blessed one. You can cite several verses from the Holy Book for your family to stumble upon during your leisure time and give them room to ask questions when needed.

10 Break your chores into bit

Finally, if you really need to get some of your house chores done, be realistic. Think about what you can really achieve with everyone at home (not much, am I right?). Break down large chores into chunks of one hour tasks and don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get everything done. Long weekends are for you all as a family to chill out, come together and create some lovely memories.



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