1. ”As the Chairman of Anambra Vision 2070,I have thought through our challenges and the disruptive changes needed to secure the future and I will vigorously implement the foundational phase of vision 2070”

2. ”If you employ me as your Chief Servant , I will devote every minute of my time to work with and mobilize all critical stakeholders to make Ndi Anambra proud and I will hit the ground running from Day one being 17th March , 2022”.

3. ”It is time to decongest the heavy concentration in Abuja and encourage most people who have something to offer Nigeria to go to drive development from the bottom”

4. ” Our manifesto derives from a firm belief that despite the defects of the current federal system , there is sufficient room to manoeuvre and fully exploit synergies and complementarities with the FGN, DFIs and others to build a liveable and prosperous State”

5. ” Our primary target is sustainable and inclusive wealth creation with jobs , jobs and jobs. We target at least 130,000 private sector jobs per annum for our youths and 1000 youth millionaires per annum in the medium term”

6.” We envision Anambra as an industrial-technology hub to lead Africa’s export market ”

7. ” We plan to position Anambra as a centre of excellence for human capital development and proactively our students/youths as Africa’s digital tribe , actively ensure planned cities , communities, and markets and a more sustainable , clean, green and liveable environment and a mainstreaming of the core Igbo values of integrity, hard work, competition, compassion and morality”.

8. We envision a public service that truly delivers timely and efficient service to the citizens and a State with guaranteed rule of law and property rights such that commercial disputes are settled within 30 days”

9. ” We envision Anambra whereby our homeland population will have no incentive to migrate to other places in search of opportunities”

10.” Every Kobo of Anambra’s money will be devoted to working for Ndi Anambra. I sincerely believe in integrity and due process meaning that I will always allow the machinery of Government to follow due process”

11. I believe in equity and fairness and will consequently maintain a policy of fair distribution of resources, appointments and amenities across the State and interest groups. Meritocracy will have pride of place and those who demonstrate that they can add value to Ndi Anambra will be given the opportunity to serve”

12. ” We will hold periodic Town Hall meetings with critical stakeholders and there will be the citizens’ hotlines( phone numbers,e-mail addresses and Facebook account) to interact with me”

13 ” We will collaborate with other states in South East and south south to deepen regional integration for economies of scale and shared prosperity”

Edited by Ndubuisi Anaenugwu of Good Governance Ministry(GGM)


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