It is my duty as an ideologue under the tutelage of Dr. Bekolari Ransome Kuti and Chief Gani Fawehinmi, both of blessed memory, to bring to light the devilish implications of the General Bola Ahmed Tinubu led military Coup Det’at that was orchestrated and executed by the Chairman of the Independence National Electoral Commission, INEC, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu against democracy.

It is important to say that, this is not about ethnicity or primordial sentiments. Not at all. It is about the operation of the true definition of democracy, by Abraham Lincoln; “democracy is the government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

The end result of any government that falls short of this definition is anarchy.

I have asked myself what will the likes of Dr. Bekolari Ransome Kuti and Chief Gani Fawehinmi do in this scenario? My simple answer to this question is that, they will both roll up their sleeves and fight for the defence of democracy; “it does not matter whose ox is gored.”

It is in this spirit I am calling on all lovers of true democracy to join hands to do the needful; resist and foil this coup det’at against democracy.

We must save our hard won democracy that we fought for, during the draconian and oppressive military era.

Did the declaration of Tinubu by INEC, as the winner of the 2023 presidential election meet the minimum standard requirements of a free and fair election? Is this not a coup det’at against democracy?

Also, what are the implications, if we allow the Tinubu led coup det’at to succeed?

To answer the first question, it was a coup det’at led by General Bola Ahmed Tinubu and executed by INEC against the mandate of the people.

Also, it is a complete violation of the new electoral law as passed by the National Assembly and assented to, by President Muhammadu Buhari.

In the new electoral law, Paragraph 38 of INEC Manual 2022 in pursuant to the provisions of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended and section 149 of of the Electoral Act 2022 provides that: “On completion of all the Polling Unit voting and results procedures, the Presiding Officer shall:
(i) Electronically transmit or transfer the result of the Polling Unit, direct to the collation system as prescribed by the Commission.

(ii) Use the BVAS to upload a scanned copy of the EC8A to the INEC Result Viewing Portal (IReV), as prescribed by the Commission.

(iii) Take the BVAS and the original copy of each of the forms in tamper evident envelope to the Registration Area/Ward Collation Officer, in the company of Security Agents.

In other words, it states clearly that, “every result must be transmitted through the BVA’s to the cloud for the whole world to see and, monitor the counting of the votes. In addition, the provision of the constitution gives no exception to this rule.

It is very saddening to say that INEC broke its own law by shutting down the portal for 12 hours on the day of election, and directed its electoral officers to bring the results to the Collation Centre for uploading as this would most definitely, give room for falsification and manipulation of election results. This is the height of illegality; and good government cannot be built on illegality.

Also, why were the BVA’S for the Senatorial and House of Representatives elections working at the polling units, whereas, that of the presidential election was not working at the polling unit? Is this not a sinister move by INEC to subvert the mandate of the people?

What a shenanigan and moribund of democracy!

Prejudice apart and without mincing words, this is a coup det’at and a complete rape of our democracy?

What are the implications of allowing a government built on illegality to stand?

One: Such government will not be answerable to the people, because, it is not the peoples mandate. It will never be a responsible government, because it was superimposed on the people, against their will.

Tinubu had said it in time past, that, “there is no democracy in Nigeria but civilian government.”

Did he not also say it in one of his video clips trending on social media that, “you grab, snatch power at all cost and if possible, run away with it?”

Nothing wrong using legal means to stop Tinubu’s inauguration, says…

Is Tinubu not the defacto governor of Lagos state? Did he not turn Lagos state to a one party state?

Will Tinubu not use the federal might to dislodge and silent all oppositions; many will not have a choice but to become his slaves

The story of Mr. Moshood Salvador, the state party chairman of the main opposition party, PDP in Lagos state is still very fresh in our memories. Tinubu planted fifth columnists in the party structure of PDP in Lagos state and, at the party congress, there was a motivated and sponsored fracas by fifth columnists that led to the death of one or two of the party members that were against the leadership of Mr. Moshood Salvador. Did Mr. Moshood Salvador not end up being framed as the killer and that he spent months in prison before he was given conditions, to either resign as party chairman of PDP to join ACN or, spend the rest of his life in prison? Yes, Mr. Moshood Salvador resigned as the state chairman of PDP and joined many slaves of Tinubu in Lagos state.

Lagos is now a one party state.

Suffice it to say, Tinubu controls the judiciary in Lagos state and to the extent that he has used Lagos state money to commercialize judiciary from the state to federal level. Do not forget Ayo Salami, the former President of the Court of Appeal under former President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan.

In the legal battle of Mr. Kayode Fayemi to reclaim his mandate as the Governor of Ekiti state, was Ayo Salami not indicted for collecting bribe from Tinubu? Was he not booted out of the judiciary by former President Goodluck Jonathan government because of the scandal?

Did Tinubu not send Lukmon Ajose, former Chairman of Lagos Island local government to eight years in prison for daring to confront him over allegations bordering on his bad leadership in Lagos state?

Did he not fire Comrade Ayodele Akele for leading the Civil Servants in Lagos state to ask for better welfare of service? Did Chief Gani Fawehinmi at his sick bed not beg Tinubu to pay him his retirement benefits before he passed away? It was very sad that Comrade Lukmon Akele passed away in United States without getting his retirement benefits.

Yes, any opposition will be ruthlessly dealt with by General Bola Ahmed Tinubu because, he was not elected by the people; and he will not be answerable to the people. It is going to be impunity of the highest order.

Yes, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a would be emperor and every true democrat in Nigeria must rise up to resist the inauguration of Tinubu as the President of Nigeria. It is a total aberration of democracy because, he did not win the presidential election.

Yes, every true democrat must rise up to declare as null and void and unconstitutional, the election of Tinubu as President as declared by his co-traveller, the Chairman of INEC, Prof Mahmood Yakubu.

Three: It will bring great reproach to our country in the comity of nations. Many democratically advanced countries will see us as a joke and they will also lose confidence in our political stability.

This will further puncture our bilateral and multilateral relationships with foreign investors.

It is only a peoples government that will truly, bring about a conducive environment for foreign investors.

Yes, we must do everything humanly possible and within the extant law to prevent the installation of Tinubu as President of Nigeria, because, his election was rigged by the so called Buhari’s cabal. He did not win the election.

This election is based on illegality and must not stand.

Before the election, the country was already sitting on a keg of gunpowder. The agitation for a sovereign nation by the Igbos, because of the lopsided sharing of power and resource control were very intense and one was expecting that the election of an Igbo President will assuage the people of the Eastern region and restore their confidence and hope as true citizens of Nigeria.

One of the reasons many voted for Peter Obi for President was to pacify the aggrieved Igbos and make them have a sense of belonging. Now that their son won the election based on the results collated by the Labour Party Situation Room as received from their polling agents from the various polling units across the country; all lovers of democracy must rise up to resist and save our democracy.

In the final analysis, Bola Ahmed Tinubu did not sign a social contract with the electorates in Nigeria through a free and fair election and he cannot be installed as president.





Source: New Band


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