• The major issue in Nigeria could be traced back to the business decision taken by the colonial masters in 1914 to bring together oil and water.
    The forceful amalgamation of different protectorate gave birth to the name- Nigeria . If  our Colonial Masters had taken our interest into consideration before the amalgamation,  they should have understood that a goat and a lion cannot live under the same roof. Or is it that difficult to realize that a sheep and wolf can never stay in one territory?
    Now when two tribes that have entirely  different cultures, belief, language, religion, lifestyle are forced to live together what result do you expect?
    The Igbo tribe has no single culture similar to the Hausas,  while the Yorubas have their own contradicting culture and belief with a different language altogether .But our Colonial Masters for selfish and business reasons neglected this mismatch in culture and religion to create a new Nation-Nigeria.   According to Oxford dictionary, a nation is said to be specific people with the same culture, belief and language occupying a specific geographical location.  But our wise masters amalgamated the Biafra nation, the Arewa nation  and Oduduwa nation and called them one nation.  It is important to note that even the middle belts are shared to these different nations Eg.  South south, South east, westerners ,the north etc.
    These different nations have different dominant religion which is Christianity and Islamic. Though both groups claimed superiority over others especially the Islamic which sees any non Muslim as a taboo,  that is why major religious crises in the world are being carried out by muslims…
    1: There is an urgent need to return power to the Regional Government.
    2:Self Determination clause should be acknowledged by the Constitution as marriage is not by force.
    UNTIL these measures are taken, we can never have a peaceful Country…..
    Victor Bright is a Graduate of Mass Communication



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