As Nigeria marks her 63rd independence anniversary; amidst harsh economy, widespread insecurity and institutional corruption, a pro-Biafran group, Biafra Defacto Customary Government, BDFCG, has called for collective efforts in bringing about desired changes – equal opportunities, inclusivity, and justice for all.

In a press release on the independence anniversary, BDFCG, through its Spokesperson, Prosper Odinga, said since after the genocidal war of 1967-70, the Biafran and the ordinary people across Nigeria have suffered greatly through marginalization, discrimination and outright killing under neocolonial administrators masquerading as democrats.

It advised the people not to be fooled by the Nigerian government’s propaganda, saying that the prevalence of favoritism, corruption and systemic inequality has stifled progress, hampered development and limited potentials of people living in the country, adding that the challenges need to be tackled.

The statement reads:
*Nigeria @63: A Reminder to Biafrans: Nigeria is nobody’s fatherland*

As we reflect upon the current state of our nation and the challenges we face as a people, It is crucial to remind ourselves of the prevailing reality: Nigeria is nobody’s fatherland, and it is not a motherland either. Nigeria has become a land that devours its inhabitants. Many have fled, and many continue to flee its shores in droves, seeking refuge and opportunities elsewhere. The exodus is not limited to a particular means of escape; it spans air travel, perilous journeys through the Sahara, and any means necessary.

The nepotistic foundation of the Nigerian state is rotten to the core, and it is this foundation that has led to the country’s many woes.

The Biafran people and the ordinary people across Nigeria have suffered greatly under the Neocolonial Administrators masquerading as Democrats since after the genocidal war of 1967-70. We have been marginalized, discriminated against, and even killed. We have seen our land plundered and our resources exploited.

We have seen the Nigerian government fail to provide basic necessities such as security, education, and healthcare. We have seen the country descend into chaos and violence.

On this day, we say to our brothers and sisters in Biafra: do not be fooled by the Nigerian government’s propaganda. The prevalence of favoritism, corruption, and systemic inequality have stifled progress, hampered development, and limited our potential as a people. It is imperative that we confront these challenges head-on.

BDFCG calls upon all Biafrans, irrespective of their location, to actively participate in the ongoing efforts to seek internal and external self-determination in the Nigerian state. We must continue to engage in constructive dialogue, promote peaceful coexistence within Biafran Space, and advocate for good governance, transparency, and accountability.

It is through our collective efforts that we can bring about the necessary changes our people desire. We must actively support initiatives that promote equal opportunities, inclusivity, and justice for all Biafrans anywhere they are living .

Prosper Odinga
Spokesperson, BDFCG
Phone: +19173465419


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