The major responsibility of the government is to maximize social welfare of the people as well as securing properties and lives of the citizenry.

While individuals and corporate organizations target profit maximization.

The former addresses public interest while the latter takes care of private interest .

Majority of our people are poor because those in Government instead of pursuing public interest are busy addressing their personal concerns . This is why people go into Government to steal public funds instead of using government office to alleviate the suffering of the masses .Since after the civil war , Nigeria Government has initiated several public policies to keep Nigeria as one instead of policies that would maximize the welfares of Nigerians .

Prof Soludo is a renowned Economist that understands too well the relationship between public and private interest . Chinedu Asuzu is a public administrator and the Leader of GGM that will ensure that public interest is served at all time. This is good news for the ordinary people on the street. We must fix our politics . Your voters card is your power. Visit to know about the first political ministry in Nigeria.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu is an economist and Deputy Leader of GGM


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