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It Is Either Regional Govt Or Biafra-ADF Invites You………


Date: – July 28. 2018
Venue:- Bon Sunshine Hotel
Presidential Road Enugu
Time:- 10.00 AM


In an invitation letter extended to the members of the public and personally signed by Alaigbo Development Foundation( ADF) President – Prof Uzodinma Nwala,BVI Channel 1 Online can authoritatively confirm that the intelligentsia in the former eastern Nigeria are gathering to determine their continuous existence in Nigeria as Indigenous People.The event will come in three folds as explained below :

1 Book Presentation.
The book, captioned THE NIGERIAN JANUARY 15, 1966 COUP AND BIAFRA: MYTHS AND REALITIES, is meant to help dissolve the yoke of IGBO COUP spurned out of that Coup and used to stigmatize Umuigbo in order to isolate and make them very vulnerable in the affairs of the Federation. It is our own story and an unbiased account of the truth of those events.
2. A Reaffirmstion of the Igbo Position, especially given that  Buhari has dismissed all previous Declarations including the one Ohanaeze did at the Ekwueme Square as PERSONAL AGENDA. It is now very imperative. If we take our destiny serious to reaffirm our position on our our future and the future of this Federation. ADF has produced a draft of this reaffirmation position. It is being circulated to Stakeholders and pan-Igbo organizations for their input and endorsement. What finally comes out of this process shall constitute the RE-AFFIRMATION DECLARATION.
3. Homeland Security.
Given the war now raging in the Federation and the grim determination of the Fulani regime to complete the conquest of the entire territory of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, we are faced with the choice of surrender or resistance. Given our vulnerability militarily, we should begin to consider what options are left to us as under-dogs.
Since the strategy currently being deployed for this total conquest is the movement of the Fulani Insurgents, in the guise of the movement of cattle and the herdsmen, if we devise legal/constitutional means of resistance and arouse the traditional resistant spirit of our people and couple this with DISTRESS CALL to the International Community, we may have a lifeline from all these and other measures.
ADF had since several months sent draft bill to the seven states of Alaigbo. Luckily Abia House has passed the bill and most of the SE  Governors have collectively rejected the ploy of the Federal Givernment to seize our land, we should stand by the Governors and the State legislators to pass the anti-Open Grazing Bill.
Once this is done, all of us in our town unions, churches,and various organizations will stand to defend the law, our land, our women and children.
ADF shall propose other relevant measures for our Homeland Security but such strategic discussion is for an appropriate platform.
Prof. Uzodinma Nwala
ADF President
Prof. Nath Aniekwu
ADF Secretary


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