It is obvious that majority of the PEOPLE have woken up from their slumber in Nigeria. Henceforth, things will never remain the same. The END SARS protest really shocked, shaked and exposed the oppressors of the citizens of Nigeria.

Nigerian political Leaders and privileged elites have been excreting shits into the mouth of ordinary people of Nigeria with impunity and total disregard to human sanctity and the people instead of getting angry, have been enjoying their rubbish and singing their praises like bewitched creatures.


Ironically ,the table is about turning where the people are the masters and the elected politicians are the servants of the people. Thanks to the coming of PRM preaching the gospel of good governance. For a long time the people have been made to understand that politics is bad, evil and a dangerous game. Majority of Christians have been taught that politics is a sin, alas, they refused to be involved. The saying that VOTES DON’T COUNT had been used to water down the political consciousness of the people. Some so called freedom fighters have preached and convinced their gullible followers to boycott elections, assuring them that doing so will usher in the freedom they desire, which have proven to be false.

All these are the hand work of the oppressors to keep the people in perpetual bondage. One of the worse thing they do to the people before and during election is using stolen money to buy peoples’ votes. Horribly, those who claim to be religious and traditional leaders join hands with the oppressors to dehumanize their people in most dishonorable manners.

Folks, POLITICAL PARTICIPATION is the open door to the freedom we seek. What do the people want? Is it good governance, new constitution, resource control, devolution of power, regional autonomy, referendum and self determination. Is it good health care system, qualitative education, basic amenities, housing, good transportation systems, employment, technological and infrastructural development etc, participating in the electoral process is the shortest route to achieve all these, because our participation will bring us all at the table of decision making. Some may give excuse that our electoral system is weak, but it is our responsibility to fix it and make it work perfectly.

Join the program of GOOD GOVERNANCE MINISTRY as we continue to educate, encourage, sensitize and enlighten our people on way forward to FREEDOM and JUSTICE.

I’m Chukwuemeka Chibuzor
(PRM coordinator Anambra)


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