Theme: Leadership is Selfless Service (2)

…Alaigbo is in a mess because of leadership failures.
Please, permit me to say that leadership failure exist at all levels in Alaigbo. Many of us are used to point accusing finger to the elected and appointed leaders, but the truth is that none of us are exempted. We are all leaders because we all serve in one area or the other. God is the highest leader, yet He is best servant of all.
Now, imagine if Ndigbo pay attention to the word of God and begin to demonstrate good leadership in those areas we serve, do you think our society will remain the same? We should learn to lead well starting from our families, even many of our parents have failed in their duties as parents yet they blame those in authority.
Ndigbo are known to be very good in commerce and trade. In fact, this can be said to be the major occupation of Ndigbo. There is a reason for their success and domination in trade and commerce in Africa-Igbo Apprenticeship System. That is a system where a young boy serve a business owner in a particular trade for a number of years based on their agreement, to be settled and equipped to start his own trade.
This system have produced millionaires and billionaires in Alaigbo. That is what you get when you learn to serve, God is the rewarder of those who serve not with eye service.
Presently, many Ndigbo see service as servitude. We don’t have to underestimate the importance of quality leadership, we should also not assume that being wealthy is enough to deliver quality leadership. Anyone who aspire to lead in Alaigbo must be willing to render selfless service to the people like Okpara and Mbakwe. If we must get quality leadership, we all have to start from our homes.
We must start now to fix this problem, enough of leadership failure in Alaigbo. We can do that by always doing the right thing. In every election in Alaigbo, we must be cautiuos and very serious to ensure that the right person always emerge.


Pastor GG, Chukwuemeka Chibuzor


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