It has come to the knowledge of the Stakeholders of Ndiukwuenu Community that a certain George-Lyn & Co, Estate Surveyors & Valuers, No. 10 Sen. Uche Ekwunife Crescent, Iyiagu Estate, Awka is currently conniving with some criminal elements in Ndiukwuenu Town to sell portions of land belonging to the Community. All efforts made to stop George-Lyn & Co to desist from this illegal activity did not yield any fruit.

We want to inform the general public that it is a criminal offense for George-Lyn & Co to sell portions of land belonging to a community without the consent of the Stakeholders or the community. Anyone doing business with George-Lyn & Co on the said land is doing so at his or her own risk. Anyone who already bought land from George-Lyn & Co should demand a refund of his or her money as such a venture is futile. The community will reclaim their land at the appointed time, whether the said land is developed or not.

Ndiukwuenu community land is the subject of many crises emanating largely from the activities of George-Lyn & Co with their criminal connivers. These hoodlums have swindled unsuspecting victims of their hard-earned money through illegal selling of community lands.

The public is advised to be wary of the activities of George-Lyn & Co and their cohorts who mask as the custodians of Ndiukwuenu land to defraud victims.

Ndiukwuenu land is currently the bone of contention of several ongoing court cases none of which has been resolved. For clarifications please contact the lawyers handling the land cases of Ndiukwuenu or consult the Stakeholders of the community. Anyone in doubt of the contending issues and controversies surrounding Ndiukwuenu Town should see Sun Newspaper of August 20, 2020, Page 8.



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