President Buhari has called for the support of all Nigerians as his government confronts the various faces of evil plaguing the land.

He was reacting to the latest massacre of travelling villagers in Sokoto.

“It shows that the evil this administration is confronting is one that requires the support and involvement of all Nigerians”, said spokesman Femi Adesina.

The presidency put the death toll in the attack at 23. The charred remains have been given mass burial.

Buhari expressed sadness over the gruesome attack on the innocent travellers.

As he had done in the past, Buhari said the nation’s security agencies have been instructed to put an end to the attacks.

“I am very distressed at the manner of death visited on these hapless citizens who were undertaking a legitimate journey to another part of the country.

“I extend deep condolences to the families of the victims as I assure that the security agencies will continue to give their all to bring to an end the operations of these despicable people.”

Source: Journalist 101


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