Idenna, High Chief Obiora Okonkwo, I come to you this Morning as Idenna and Political analyst with pedigree, not as Media Analyst.

There is this Igbo general submission that provides, ikwu amaghi, ibe Ezi ya and I am borrowing off it.

RIGHT before now, I use to rate you as One of the Political Tse Tse fly who wants to get close to Governance, for a steady income to be guaranteed, but…

After launching of the UNITED AIRLINE with Sound Birds, it Dawn on me that you don’t have a Mirror of advisers who worth thier onus or say those who consider the tides before submitting advise .

I don’t mean to bad mouth anybody, but I want to be fair, blunt but with Eziokwu Ana kuro Mmiri.

High Chief , with the Capacity of that UNITED AIRLINE, the brain of planting it at ENUGU AIRPORT as Operational Head quarters placed you at the Upper most echelon, made you a Legend in wealth creation with Vantage fall back, plus exonerate you from wherever one may have placed you or what people may have judged you with.

Chief, you are on the Race for Guber of the most difficult state in Nigeria and I want to ask irokwolu Nro (Did you dream about it?), that is catastrophic move that can ever come from a Man who built his life on reality and not on Utopian frequency.

Anambara don’t care how high you climbed, okay, let me rephrase, POLITICS don’t have respect nor regards, once you pick a Baton for a race you become a Gold Fish in a Crystal Ball without a hiding place.

Idenna, what you need to do is to stand gidigbam as Political God Father and never again as a ASPIRANT.

What are you contesting for again?, When you are already member of Anyi na eme Nwanyi Oje be di, me Nwanyi ona be di, you have reached the pinnacle where you call shots and not where they play you like Ping pong as obtained in Politics.

Take the likes of DANGOTE, ADENUGA, OTEDOLA they are in same Class with the New you, they load Politicians the same way UNITED AIRLINE load passengers, when they get to destinations, drop them and load another set.

They invest on Politicians, from those at bottom to those at the Top, but always stand apolitical, which is the safest Zone one can take.

What you should be doing is investing on potentials and preferred Aspirants, the result will be same like flying Air plane, someday you have Fully Booked and another Ogba half full making real the legend of ubochi Osa Ata Akwu, ubochi OSO onu na igbeguru(Some days a Squirrel will easily pick a Palm Nut, but another day, she will smite Her mouth on the Torns guarding the Nuts) .

As Idenna, I am too excited on the New you, the new branding you bring to the Sky business, that changes everything.
Kedu ife Ina achozi na. CLASS Ndi Otakara?.

With the present Status, the level you operate with all Governors in Nigeria has changed, the one with Presidency has climbed to next stage and don’t cheapen it by iso fa azo the kettle filled with Scorpions called Politics, Infact you should hence be party less so that you can become a POLITICAL PRINCIPALITY, all parties come to you and you do what you can and continue building allegiance of the Loaded and unloaded.

Even with or without the Lopsided Zoning, I can tell you without swirling water in my mouth, that you have just passed the stage of Izo any position na Politics, the only race we should see you on now is..

Beating AIR PEACE, THEN RACING ETHIOPIAN AIRLINE and when you over take them all, I will be glad to say, I flew to Heathrow with UNITED AIR, I just came back from JFK with UNITED AIRLINE, that is when you may have won the Global Business Man of the Decade.

You can Climb that Air Business rubicle if you manage it closely, sure there are Professionals but you as the Boss ga ano na iru Oru.

Imagine in the Morning, you come around at Enugwu and monitor things, may be decked on Jean’s and Face cap, see how they hustle away your customers, how they hoard your tickets to be resold at higher prices that goes into the pocket of the managers and conspirators.
Most times they will block bookings, so passengers will think the flights is full, they just block Seats , so they can horde tickets to resold last minute at higher rate, but if people didn’t turn up last minute, it will be the loss of the owner,but with you loitering around, you will perfect many things and close many leaking parts, believe me, this is EXPO Kam na ebunye gi.

Idenna, I wish you well and that is the only reason I am this excited, also I know that sending some of you Politicians Private messages makes you think na edebego your wallet, so the Ideas that cost heavily outside Nigeria, we give them free of all charges here because we have a mentality that needs to be changed.

The Airline business will be MEGA if you are ready to study how the previous Airlines flopped..

TRIAX AIR by Arthur Eze debuted and gone..
Oriental Air by Iwuanyanwu also went caput.
SOSOLISO AIR made waves but the same ONWU gburu others kissed same ?..
Investigate what caused the demise of those Airlines, so you will jump and pass such when it came which is likely to come.

Then Onyema of Air Peace from MBOSI is waxing as IBOM AIR debuted to flex very few flights ..

The Debut of UNITED AIRLINE seems to be the Next Virgin Atlantic but needs focus and concentration, which you can’t get when you mix it with Politics ..

Take your business serious, you will be placed as Principality, Emesia ufodu Ana amakasi Anya, but adiro ama aka… Anyi ma Ndi bu Ndi.

I remain Mazi Odera POg JP, Last Born Mpa Nnukwu, Mkpisi Ndi Egede and I come with peace and Love Ana akuro Mmiri and I speak from the innermost of my heart.


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