Folks, I doubt if any good citizen of Nigeria is truly proud of with the present Nigeria political system. Show me any person proud of Nigeria  system and I will show you those sucking Nigeria to death. The system in Nigeria are only enjoyed by few Nigerians and I can tell you that all those benefitting from the corrupt system we have for decades now are worse than those we call criminals.

These few people are the reasons for all the problems in Nigeria, poverty, hunger, unemployment, bad economy, arm robbery, kidnapping, banditry, terrorism etc. Yet, these same people are the ones being celebrated, they always appear on our televisions daily as the same people whom they kept in bondage sing their praise. Is a shame! Just this morning, fuel pump price went up to N212 or N215 from N170 and people are busy going about their business. In a sane society, most people would have replied the government by going home and most businesses shut down in protest. Where are those who wanted to Save Nigeria in 2012? Does it mean this country can’t be Saved? If we like, we can keep quiet and do nothing and they will take the pump price of fuel to N300. Mind you, they don’t care about us and they will continue to keep us in a condition that will always make return everything we worked for to them willingly. The increase in fuel pump price means your house or shop rents, food, clothing, school fees, hospital bills etc will also increase.

Organized Labour are busy making caricature of Nigerians each time they protest for an increase in minimum wage. The leaders of the organized labour belong to the group of people that the system benefits. N30,000 minimum wage given to them have become very useless if fuel pump price per litre is N170. Are we going to see labour on the street again demanding for wage increase?

I think the proper thing for us to demand is Good Governance and any government not willing to give us that both in states and federal should step aside. The organized labour have failed the people. People Restoration Mission (PRM) has come to organize the people to demand for Good Governance. We want to wake up about 170 million Nigerians the system in Nigeria does not favour. We have to sensitize, educate and mobilize them to always be ready for political revolution.

We are working hard to mobilize ONE MILLION VOTERS FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE in Anambra state this year. PRM is you and I, we are the Messiah that will save our people.


Chukwuemeka Chibuzor

Anambra Coordinator


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