Let me shoot straight from the hip. Soludo is the most preferred and popular politician in Anambra today. Forget about those who spew their closeness to the grassroots as sobriquet to gain undue and unearned advantages when their actions have never impacted on the masses. Curiously, such politicians prance about mouthing proximity to the grassroot as unique their selling proposition (USP).

Unfortunately for them, the people have grown pass such spins. They know their true friends. They know and appreciate those who have used their positions to make their life better. The masses know those who by their real deeds have worked for them.

If truth must be told, Cee Cee Soludo is the foremost political brand in Anambra state today in the run up to Anambra 2021. He leads in the following indicators or parameters; name recognition, name recall, appeal, brand preference and brand loyalty. Indeed, he is so attractive like the apple. If you are in doubt, a simple pilot research will convince you.

To put things here in proper context, a brand refers to a person or product whose functional attributes and emotional features are so attractive to buyers to buy not once, not twice but over and over again. In Anambra, the Soludo’s brand gleefully called Soludo Solution has brand loyalists and brand believers that have morphed into the Soludo Brand Community(SBC) . The SBC keeps growing in geometric proportion. The underlying factors that propel the rapid expansion are not far-fetched.

At a supersonic reception hosted for Cee Cee Soludo, May 2, 2021 by Senator Victor Umeh, former National Chairman of APGA at his Aguluzoigbo country home, everybody that spoke pointed to these factors. One is that we are living in difficult times. The hangouts from Abuja are getting smaller and smaller. Two is the imperative for consolidation of the projects of the current government. Three is the need for somebody with the appeal or name that can galvanize Ndi Anambra to invest more massively in our homeland. Next is the profundities of the ideas for development of the aspirant. Not the least, APGA wants somebody with clout to win the Governorship election beyond winning the primaries.

Soludo perfectly fits the bill. He is one of the most sought after prodigious thinkers and exceptional doers of our time. He has local, national and international clouts to pull strings for the State and for our People when need be. He has done great things in past in similar and tough circumstances. So his records speak eloquently for him.

This is his time, a time when his person and ideas are most relevant. These explain why he is the most popular politician in Anambra State today and why people are making enormous sacrifices of their time, their talents and their treasures to ensure he becomes their next governor.

Joe C Anatune
Anatune writes from Awa in Orumba North Local Government Area, Anambra State


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