Good morning my people and happy Sunday, this is RESTORATION TIME.

Theme: Are we truly children of God
Text: John 1:12, Romans 8:14 & John 8:32

Today is Sunday, I can imagine how multitude of us are marching to the church like our lives depend on it. In Anambra state there are at least three gigantic structures called churches in virtually all the communities.

On Sunday like today , these churches are filled up to the brim. That is good, but are we cocksure that we are God’s children? I doubt, because if we are, our society will not be in this sorry state.

The Bible says that those who received Christ and are led by the Holy Spirit are the children of God. Holy Spirit will always guide the children of God to know the Truth, and this knowledge of the Truth gives birth to freedom.

Ndi Anambra, Ndigbo , we are in this bondage of bad governance today in our various states because we have failed to know the truth about politics. We have left our politics to the wrong people and the results are what we see, which is maladministration.

How come that only billionaires are declaring interest to be governor in Anambra state? Because we (the people who profess to be children of God) have made electing a candidate buying and selling affairs. Therefore, the highest bidder becomes our governor, and after the inauguration , our suffering will increase and all we do is lament and complain.

I think is time to listen to the Holy Spirit who is guiding us to say enough is enough! Let us learn to always take the right decision and do the right thing. The right thing is not boycotting election but we have to participate and make sure that we elect the right person in every position of leadership. Doing so is the will of God and will also usher in good governance in Anambra/Alaigbo.

Repent now and join PRM today as we continue to educate, preach, sensitize and mobilize our people for good governance and freedom. May God help us all in Jesus name, amen.


Chukwuemeka Chibuzor
Anambra Coordinator of PRM


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