Many people on the street do not understand why they are poor. Why there is no employment or you must know somebody to be employed. Why husband is a scarce commodity. Why many families are crisis. Why there is no electricity. They resort to miracle centres for God’s intervention. Churches have grown in exponential proportion to economic growth. In fact, there is inverse relationship between church growth and economic growth.

The people on the street do not know that certain systems were designed to discourage hardwork and encourage laziness immediately after the civil war. We are just dancing round a circle without any positive progression. Many elders lamented about Nigeria systems until they died. The lamentation has continued . Tufiakwa! I will not pass the lamentation to my children. Our current unproductive systems designed to keep Nigeria as one united country are collapsing. It is either Nigeria is restructured or it will disappear. This is a fact and we know it.

We want to elect a governor in Anambra state who will be bold to lead the crusade that will fix our politics. The future of Igbo nation is at stake. The future of our children is at stake. This is no time for playing money politics . We must play politics of survival.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu


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