Ironically, many do not understand the person and  leadership qualities of  Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo is made of. His silence on political propaganda and infamous promises made by some Guber aspirants on establishing 11 or 21 universities in the state when they become governor is something  many have seen as someone who doesn’t  have the required mojo and set leadership skills to harness Anambra’s  resources and turn it into a world class fast growing economy in the country.

For record purposes and posterity respectively , When he took over as the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)  Governor in 2004 June to be precise , it  took him only but a month (July) to convene a special meeting of the Banker’s Committee to partner with his ideas and direction on how to constructively drive major policy shift in the banking industry.

It is crucial to observe that Soludo did not impose his ideas on the system but welcomed  all interested banks to send in their proposals or ideas on how his leadership as CBN governor will be in the best position  to serve the financial system and the Nigerian economy better in the years ahead.

Such display of inclusiveness in policy formulation is a rare quality many administrators and technocrats lack today but Soludo displayed such over a decade ego and consolidated the Nigerian financial sector which was at the verge of collapsing before his emergence .

Soludo wasn’t  arrogant or power hungry but someone who carries his subordinates along to ensure they understand his plans and cue in for synergy and success.

“I will share the strategic agenda with you and the generality of Nigerians in due course, especially in respect of the agenda for ensuring exchange rate and price stability, managing interest rate for stability and development, macroeconomic coordination, vigorous pursuit of the developmental roles of the Central Bank, improvement of the payments system, financial sector diversification, regulatory reforms, and strategies for integrating Nigeria’s financial system into the African region and global financial system”.

Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo is a man who does his homework well, articulate every move and strategy to get it done and eventually makes it a success.

It is in his gene and he needs few or no details to actualizing his set out plans.
Ndi  Anambra shouldn’t make mistake of ignoring a man who’s pedigree and policy formulations based on antecedents are second to none.

Does Soludo have a realistic plan for Ndi Anambra, yes he does and only him at this point can confidently and courageously with his immerse knowledge of international economic policy, build a stable and sustainable state economy in Nigeria to pragmatically build on the attractive developmental strides of His Excellency Chief Dr Willie Obiano ( Akpokuedike Global) in the state.

We must equally  intimate the reading public  that oppositions in the state are  constantly checking their Blood pressure,   because they knew that Soludo is more qualified , more educated , equally experienced and globally exposed than  themselves within the race .

Anambra state  needs a man that will harness our potential and build on our already existing gaint strides  to skyrocket the development and economic policies for better Anambra in years to come.

Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo is the KEY.



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